Di Costanzo Wines 💫 (Offer Closed) New Pinot, new Chardonnay & last call DI CO Cabernet

Wow, thank you! This offer is now closed. Grateful for this community!

Hello, friends, let’s share some wine. We are Erin & Massimo Di Costanzo of Di Costanzo Wines, and we remain so delighted and inspired by the WineBerserker community. Happy BD14!

Massimo and I have been making small quantities of Napa and Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon since 2010. We strive to make wines that celebrate the land, wines of elegance, and above all, wines that bring both carefree pleasure and deep satisfaction whenever their corks are pulled. We strive for soulful winemaking combined with meticulous farming to create wines that are an expression of place, not a winemaker’s heavy hand. In 2021 we added tiny lots of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to the party. We live and make wine here in St. Helena and are raising our two young boys in Wine Country.

We’ve been humbled to have our wines recognized by notable critics and publications over the past many years, from Bloomberg to the San Francisco Chronicle, from Vinous to Decanter, but a recent nod that meant a lot to us was being named 2022 Winery of the Year by the purely domestic wine report, aka @dougwilder . In Doug’s words: “Di Costanzo is recognized as my Winery of the Year 2022 for several reasons but none more impressive than the decision to go outside the Cabernet Sauvignon envelope and without fanfare introduce excellent 95-point Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.” Cheers, Doug! And we want to share those wines with you all today.

As a grateful “thank you” to our WB friends, today we grant early access to our brand new wines, a last call discount on the fan favorite DI CO Cabernet, and discounted shipping. Minimum order: three (3) bottles, any combination.


2021 DI CO Deering Vineyard Chardonnay Moon Mountain District of Sonoma - $75 release price
Max 6 bottles per order, while supply lasts. Releasing to mailing list on 1/31/23, but BD14 friends get early access to a portion of that inventory TODAY! Full details and description on our site when you log in to order.

• Harvested August 25th, 2021
• 100% Chardonnay, Wente Clone
• 120 cases produced
• 13.2% ABV

2021 Costa Bentrock Vineyard Pinot Noir Sta Rita Hills - $75 release price
Max 6 bottles per order, while supply lasts. Releasing to mailing list on 1/31/23, but BD14 friends get early access to a portion of that inventory TODAY! Full details and description on our site when you log in to order.

• Harvested October 5th, 2021
• 100% Pinot Noir, Clone 115 & 828
• 250 cases produced
• 14.1% ABV

2020 DI CO Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley - $65 release price… Last Call BD14 offer- $58 per bottle
Pure, clean and seriously delicious Cabernet Sauvignon. Full details and description on our site. I also went into greater detail about our process with this wine here: Di Costanzo’s Fall '22 Release Thread on WB.

• Harvested September 25th, 2020
• 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, single vineyard
• 410 cases produced
• 14.3% ABV


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Of course, please email me directly at erin@mdcwines.com or text at the number below with any and all questions. I’ll be online as much as I can today, and even if it takes a moment, I will gratefully reply to all messages. And THANK YOU to @ToddFrench, @brigcampbell and all of the folks who keep this community humming. As small wine producers, we sincerely appreciate it.

Erin & Massimo Di Costanzo
Di Costanzo Wines
Erin’s cell: 917 699 6957


I ordered early and received the Chardonnay. My head is still spinning in that it was above and beyond my already pretty serious expectations. I tend to give Di Costanzo wines high praise, so you can take that into account when reading my note, but I mean every word of it…

  • 2021 Di Costanzo Chardonnay DI CO Deering Vineyards - USA, California, Sonoma County, Moon Mountain District (1/25/2023)
    Hit my offsite the day before Berserkerday, LIKE A MIRACLE. This is the first wine I've had after 25 days of Dry January. And it was freakin' ridiculous, if way too young. This is very possibly the best California chardonnay I've had. My benchmarks so far are Aubert, Cattelya Call to Adventure, La Pelle, Patria and Ferren, all of which I love. But this played the hits of all the rest - it's clearly new-world, but also tightly wound, with a spine you could cut glass with (if that's your thing - I don't judge, no, I secretly do). As it opens up, it's also unfolding in unexpected directions, as if going simultaneously into the exotic fruit and and mineral spectrums. It's hard to guess exactly where it's going but wow it's going to be rewarding meeting it there. Of all the wines I've listed, the closest is Ferren. So if that's your thing, I think you'd like this being your thing, too. Needs some age but I'm not quite sure if that means a year or three or more - highly recommended. (96 points)

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Screenshotted this to share with the most offline member of the family, Mr. Massimo. After the amount of hard work and care and contemplation that we both put into this bottling, this kind of amazing feedback means so, so much. Thank you!


I can’t wait for these offers tomorrow!!!

We had an early “preview” tasting of the Chard with Erin last September, and all I can say what a beauty this wine is! I’m primarily a Cab guy, but like another reviewer, my benchmarks for Chard are typically Mark Aubert, what Maayan Koschitzky is doing at La Pelle, as well as Kirk Venge’s efforts for 11:11. My take is simply that Massimo has hit a home run out of the box! This immediately went to the top of my wife’s “must buy” list! Cheers!!

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Same here! It was indeed good!

Order in, thank you so much. Excited to try your new varietals.


Order in for 6 Dico, and 2 each of the new varietals! Can`t wait to try them! Thanks, Erin!

Great to see, and thank you so much! :blush:

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In for DICO. Love this stuff. Thanks!


I love DiCo! Thank you for hosting us the other day : )

Order in


In for 6! Just had the Caldwell on Sunday :drooling_face:

Thanks Erin! Just placed our order! Hope you are well!

I’m in for a 6 of the DICO and 3 of the Chard. Looking forward to them!

:blush: :blush: :blush:

Terrific Walt, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Order in for 4 chards and 2 Di Co!

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Ordered 3 each of the pinot and chardonnay. Looking forward to spending a bit more time with the chardonnay and trying the pinot!

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