"Destroy the Pappy Van Winkle"

I really like Fred Minnick as a bourbon blogger and I enjoy his articles. I’m not sure I agree with him from the ‘moral high ground’ argument that this should be destroyed because the thieves are ‘real criminals,’ but it would be interesting to know if some of this stuff is fake or if everything is authentic based on what I assume are bottle numbers and shipping/warehouse logs which may be in the possession of Van Winkle to authenticate the bottles.

However, if Julian Van Winkle came out directly and made a statement in favor of destroying the stuff, hard to argue with him.

Assuming the bottles are real, which the article doesn’t really speak to. Why not auction the bottles off for charity?? They are auctioning off all of Rudy’s wine.



That was sort of my point, why destroy stuff if you know it’s real? I understand if there is some confusion/concern about fakes in the lot.

Based on what I read the sealed Pappy will be returned but the stuff in odd bottles and barrel will be destroyed since the contents cannot be guaranteed.