Desperately seeking Les Impitoyables Champagne glasses

My SIL was staying at our house and broke one of my
Les Impitoyables Champagne glasses. My favorite glass.

I can’t seem to locate them anywhere. Does anyone have a lead on this glass? TIA

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internet has several sources though out of stock. Maybe contact them. Here’s one: les impitoyables champagne - Google Search

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Have your SIL buy you a case of Zaltos and call it even.

I wish she would have broke the Zaltos glass instead!

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Thanks - I’ve checked every link I could find.

Lori, I have two of these champagne glasses that are new in their containers. Are you still looking for some? We just moved houses and I found them in a box of wine glasses.
Tim Caudill


Thanks Tim! I would love them! Just PM with what you’d like for them and we can arrange shipping. Appreciate these very much!

Lori, question for you. I have 4 of them. Two new, still in original shipping tubes and two in perfect shape that I recall using twice. I would also like to sell them. I bought them for $125 each. I was hoping to get my money back as they are no longer produced. I have uploaded some pictures as well. I’m in Walla Walla WA.

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Sent you a DM

Wine Review Online - My Search for the Perfect Wine Glass Peugeot now makes these, but aren’t exactly the same. Maybe good for parties and NV Champagne.

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If anyone is interested in any of the Impitouyable glasses, a friend of mine has several of each of the different glasses and is possibly looking to sell some if not all. These are the originals that were purchased at the factory in Chalon sur Saonne (I think). Let me know if you are interested.

Hi Jerry_Hey ! I hope I’m not too late! Does your friend still have any Peugeot Les Impitoyables champagne glasses? With the embossed/dimpled glass as shown in the original photo/post in this forum? I am very interested in buying at least 2 for my mother, they are her absolute favorite glass. I really appreciate any and all insights you may have! Thank you!! My direct email is if it’s any easier.