Denver, September 8th, BYOB wine event space, soft opening

A friend of a friend is opening this space and we are going to the Friends & Family event this coming Thursday evening.

Birch Road welcomes Winebeserkers to its Friends & Family preview night! Join the founders of this unique BYOB members club that is a haven for wine & spirits enthusiasts on Thursday, Sept 8th at 7pm. The newest Birch Road Clubhouse is located on the border of Sunnyside and LoHi. Birch Road membership includes fingerprint access to the clubhouse 365 days a year, a personal locker in a temperature-controlled bottle storage cellar, access to exclusive member events and tastings and to the member lounge and tasting room for more casual nights with friends. There are no bartenders, no TVs, and no bill at the end of the night. Rooted in the belief that the best path to the community is through good drinks and good conversation, Birch Road is a great space to meet new people or simply an extension of your home to work, gather with friends, or take a break.

Must RSVP to attend (21+)


Thanks for sharing! I RSVPed to check it out. Do you have any experience with Birch Road?

I saw the space a few months ago (was quoting some photography work, didn’t get it…)
Should be a great solution for some folks in Denver. I’m interested in seeing the finished space and the private dining area. I do not recall if the kitchen set up was going to be a full kitchen or more of a catering / plating set up?

I know they have clubs in other markets but I’ve not been to any of them.

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I’m a member still in Chicago (and will switch to Seattle for obvious reasons).

The Lincoln Park set up has an area for private events, but no proper kitchen and I haven’t seen a kitchen at Roscoe Village or Seattle.

They do have lockers, but it is more for a handful as opposed to a proper wine storage. They also want to cater more towards wine drinkers and have good groups in Seattle and Roscoe Village Chicago, so I can see Denver being much more wine friendly.


Mel, RSVPed but couldnt make it. How was the event?

we went a bit early due to previous planned dinner reservations.

the rooms turned out great and the manager was very nice.
looks like a great addition to the Denver market.

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Wow. That space looks awesome!

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Mel-I thought you were in Hawaii…you must have had to come back :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info on this Mel. I didn’t know about the place in Chicago. I’ll have to take a look.

Keith, it sounds like you’ve used the one in Lincoln Park. Would you consider it a good place to hold a wine tasting event? It seems like their max is 14 people. Is that true or can we get a few more in the space? Thanks!

Hi John,

I don’t know if Kim would allow something over 14 people at Birch Road, so I don’t want to speak for her. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if private events can be done there(I mean, American Wine Society did when Sarah Worner was the president of AWS) so if you become a member, that’s something that possibly could happen if it’s worth it for them.

You would have to bring in your own catering and I have definitely done tastings in the private room at LP. Their Roscoe Village location has a real cool back patio that does have heaters for the winter as well.

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Thanks Keith!

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