Demuth Vineyard Chardonnay?

Just occurred to me now that while KB released a Cerise Pinot, I haven’t seen any demuth chardonnay (or Pinot for that matter) from anyone. I know Lioco made some in the past.

Did KB rip it all out? I really liked those wines, both from Knez and Lioco. On a side note, isANYONE still able to buy fruit from Cerise?


Can’t answer all your questions, but the Sept 2018 release letter from Lioco indicated the Demuth Chardonnay vines were ripped out in 2017 and replaced by Pinot.

Here is a link to the newsletter from the Lioco archive page and a brief excerpt:

"Alas, the Demuth swan song was finally sung in 2016. The gnarled old Wente vines–which long suffered from virus and tiny yields, but which delivered profound Chardonnays–were ripped up in the spring of 2017.

The article also contains a letter that Matt Licklider sent to the vineyard owners back in 2008 which resulted in an 8 year reprieve in the removal of the Chardonnay.

I have a Magnum of the 2016 Lioco Demuth Chardonnay that is waiting the appropriate time.



Thanks Steve. I figured it was the case, but was holding out hope. Apparently they were ripping out and replanting some of the Cerise plot too. Hopefully they kept the CH vines there, as they were young, but made a pretty compelling wine. I have a case of 2014 Knez Demuth and a smattering of other years. Last tried a 2010 and it was still very youthful, so your 2016 magnum may have a very long life ahead!

I was going to mention Knez, think I have a couple of bottles. But Knez is gone so that doesn’t help much.