Decanting Temperature

A question on decanting for those with home cellars. For wines that you want decanted for several hours prior to serving, do you (a) decant the wine in your cellar and keep it there until service, or (2) decant the wine at room temp (~70 degrees) and allow it to remain there? Thanks in advance.


First is the best option. I rather be cooler at service time than warmer.

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Yes, I like the wines served at cellar temp, so I leave the decanter in the cellar.

If my wines needs an extended decant, I always double decant, and store at cellar temperature until serving.

[quote=“mike pobega”]First is the best option. I rather be cooler at service time than warmer./quote]

This is my preference as well AKA +1.

In Miami, even though A/C’ed , more than 45 minute decant stays in Walk-in .


always in the cellar


For me, the warming is as much a part of the tasting experience as is the breathing. If I already know the optimal tasting temp for a given wine, I’ll take it out (or not) of the cellar at the appropriate time or even use the fridge in the mix (mostly for whites) as needed.

This is more complicated for those of us Plebeians with storage cabinets rather than walk-in cellars. I also usually prefer the reds cooler, particularly at this time of year, but in order to do that, I have to sort of intermittently put the decanter into the fridge for stints.

Chris, I too have only cabinets. I use this with great results. It’s AWESOME in the summer. I keep it at about 61F

Very cool!

I stick it in the freezer for a couple minutes if I need to. Like the Beaujolais I’m drinking right now.

But to the OP who offered the option of serving at 70 degrees - why would you serve wine that hot? [wow.gif]

What are you, a restaurant?

Thanks to everyone for their input.

GregT, to clarify I was referring to removing a bottle from the cellar (58 degrees) and allowing it to decant for several hours at ambient room temperature (around 70 degrees in my home).