decant volnay?

I bought a 1971 Volnay from Envoyer that I’m going to open for thanksgiving. Should I andouze it or pop and pour?

I would decant for sediment immediately before serving. Perhaps also slow ox for an hour before, though I would probably skip it (personal preference).

Oh, and you should also stand it upright now.

I completely agree with Xavier: The wine should be stood upright, now, and it should be decanted for sediment, immediately before serving. I expect you will receive a range of suggestions for pulling the cork anytime up to 8 hours, before decanting.

Though you didn’t ask, I would caution that cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and many other Thanksgiving side dishes might not be the best match for a delicate, aged Volnay. Consequently, you might feel underwhelmed and disappointed by that wine in this setting.

Audouze it!

I would open it and taste it before I made any decisions.


George, that in itself is a decision since when it’s opened and a small sample poured, the slow ox process starts.

Pouring a small sample would also disturb and redistribute the sediment. I would recommend pulling the cork at whatever advance time you think is best, without tilting the bottle, and then decanting for sediment, just before serving.

When I want to taste the wine without tilting the bottle I put a straw into the top two-four inches and put my finger on the top sealing the straw. Withdraw and put in a glass or directly into my mouth.