Decant Time For 2005 Harlan

Taking this to dinner this weekend. How long in advance should I open it?

Have not had it but based on vintage alone, I would say 1-2 hours.

About 10 years.

Seriously, that last one I had was P&P,and was OK at first. IIRC, it took at least a couple hours to unwind and begin to show. If I were to open one today, I would shoot for a minimum of six hours.

oh goodie!

Should be a fun night!

Interesting recommendation from Harlan:

I recommend that you open the bottle 2 hours before you intend to enjoy it
and return the cork. Taste it again 30 minutes later and return the cork.
If the wine is still “tight” (meaning the tannins are aggressive and there
is still obvious aromas of oak), then pour the wine into a decanter 1 hour
before you intend to serve it. It is key to taste the wine at each stage so
you can gage the “rate of acceleration” and enjoy most of the wine in its
“sweet spot”.

They consulted me on that.

This wine is honestly not in a good place right now (had it 6 times in the last 1.5 years). I would take a different vintage if you have one.

Yeah, Steve, you have a deep cellar that should cover different options. One of those 2002 Bryant’s could do the job nicely!
Did you lose a bet or something? :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed, it’s the only vintage I have in house. No time to go to storage and get a different vintage.

Holiday dinner with my local tasting group. These were/are the other alternatives.

2000 Bryant
2002 Araujo
2000 Abreu Thorvilos
2004 Abreu Madrona Ranch
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