Decant Reco '08 Bruno Rocca Barbaresco

Opening this anniversary wine for our 10 year this weekend and would like it to show its best. Any thoughts? We drink a decent bit of nebbiolo, but haven’t had this bottle. Thanks in advance.


A tough call because this wine is neither young nor old at this point, and it’s a pretty big Barbaresco. Having said that I think you can choose to either give this a 12 hour double decant, or three hours in a decanter. In either case I would expect the wine to be a bit tight at the moment but one that should open up nicely of the course of a dinner.

Worth also giving it a chance by serving with some substantial food such as steak, that might tame the tannins if they are strident.

Thanks for the thoughts. Have lamb chops set for the secondi with the Barbaresco. Gnocchi with fontina and an as yet unprchased arneis for the primi.

Very sensible food choices - have a great celebration.

Great bottle by a great producer. I’d say 4/6 hours decanted. Should be a 25/30 year wine no problem. Still working on my late 90s bottles