Decant Advice Needed

I’m having a birthday dinner with a friend tomorrow and need some advice on a couple wines (we’re also having Champagne, but I’m set on that):

2002 Jean-Claude Boisset Pommard 1er Cru Les Chaponnières
1971 Rieussec

Thanks for any/all suggestions.

I don’t see the need to decant either one, personally.

Corey, I`d pop and pour both. Burgundy shaped stemware should suffice for allowing the Pommard to open up if it needs it.

Cheers gents – pop and pour it shall be.

I think very differently on this subject, particularly with a 2002, which is hardly “ready”. I would likely aerate significantly-- after tasting it first.

My initial sense was to open the 2002 in the morning and to pop and pour the RIeussec.

I need a Pinot, but I have relatively few with significant age. Better to go domestic?

Most prolly.

IMO, just opening something does nothing. Maybe for an ancient wine, though I am very skeptical that it even does anything for the ancient ones.

OK - here’s my approach, and Burgs are my favorite wines… Pour out a small initial educational taste, to enlarge the surface area to at least silver dollar size first, and then let breathe for 4 -6 hours without decanting. To my taste, not decanting better preserves vitality and freshness as well as complexity, and this approach is especially important with reasonably mature Burgs. Younger Burgs like your 2002 need more time but will also respond well. If you don’t have the time, and do decant, I strongly recommend a carafe, with it’s limited surface area. The pouring action introduces a lot of aeration on its own and a large surface area is only useful, I think, for something like a Port.

Important - keep cool throughout, refrigerate if necessary, and serve cool but not cold (which will harden and shut down the flavors). So pull from the fridge 45 minutes before serving if it’s in there!

I’d pull the cork on the Rieussec about two hours early too, though my experience with these is limited… Fwiw, I’d also pull the cork early on the Champagne, maybe an hour or two, though most everyone will think I’m crazy! At least, those who haven’t tried it! :slight_smile: (It is just a white Burgundy after all! But be sure the bottle is very cold, as it will hold its CO2 that way. You can also put in one of those lever-equipped stoppers after some O2 is in the neck area).

Might be too late for your question, but I’ve had two of this exact bottle of Burgundy in the past year, and have found opening 5-6 hours earlier and serving from the bottle to work well.


It looks like I am going with another wine this evening, instead of the Burgundy. What were your impressions if I may inquire?

Not bad, but not stellar. Was too tart for my tastes on opening, but calmed down after being left open for a few hours. Medium bodied. Paid $35, which seems fair.

Thanks Graeme. I’ll probably leave mine sit a few more years and see what becomes of it.