Death to Justin Neufeld

One of the coolest wine dinners I’ll ever attend was three of the producer’s reds (all Bordeaux varietals) and an opening white FROM A COMPETITOR, ending the night with a sweet import from producer’s cellar.

Epic night.

I don’t condone violence but just popped the 17 and well yeah flirtysmile

Email from Brooke and Justin, this is important for a small winery.

Nice review from some guy late to the party.

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Can’t believe I’ve missed this on prior BD’s, definitely will check this out when it’s cool enough to ship again

Totally understandable, I’m involved in BD and sometimes I’ll see an offer an think “who’s that? Never heard of them…” And I help with their offer. Doh!

Neufeld is a 100% slam dunk next year for you. Heck, call them now, they’re home!

BTW Sucklings scores are probably 2-3 points low on his scale because he doesn’t know them. There isn’t better Cabernet coming out of Washington than JBN and they’re great people.

Hopefully Justin Neufeld isn’t too big for WB now. :laughing:

I don’t think I’ve shared this but I keep this on my bar. Hopefully Brooke won’t get mad at me.

I know I speak for Todd and the WB crew, our passion and love can make a difference to those that share it.


One of the few times that Suckling is underrating the wines. Doesn’t happen too often but did with Neufeld.

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Brooke is the best. Justin is too.

If you want to support folks who get it, and make great wine, make sure JBN is on your list.

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I just ordered the 6 pack. $15 shipping, which is insane… My 3rd order with them, and my first non-BD one.

I opened my only Old Goat (17) at Christmas on an emergency basis, and it was great. I hope my groveling will get me an opportunity to buy some more… [snort.gif]

I have yet to select a Father’s Day wine to go with grilled ribeyes, but they are certainly in the running, along with the 2007 Virage red.

Buy this wine, you will not regret it.

@Justin_Neufeld is looking for some help

Justin has been asked to speak at an upcoming seminar on Washington wine and bring 10 bottles of the 2016 Old Goat. We have only saved 5 bottles, so we are looking to see if any of our customers would be willing to sell us back and/or trade new Old Goat vintages for their bottles. Thank you so much for your help!

email brook:

Several comments:

It’s amazing how something as simple as the hand written notes from Brooke make wine shipments more personal, and keeps me more interested, in the winery. It’s such an easy thing. More wineries should take note. I’ve never even been to the northwest, but when I get there, stopping to visit them will be a certainty.

I wish I did have a Goat bottle from 2016 to send them. I don’t.

This has got to be the most entertaining winery specific thread title here on Berserkers.

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