Deal on Lumpp


Seems like a good deal…
If anyone has experience with the wine I’d love to hear it.

Worth a shot

Thanks. Envoyer and Lopa have both sent out offers on this wine. Below is from Greg on the 2016:


Francois Lumpp is currently our favorite producer in Givry an appellation located in the Cote Chalonnaise. Francois is known for the graceful purity of his wines. Lumpp shows off the terrior of Givry unlike anyone else in the region exposing its full potential. ‘A Vigne Rouge’ is one of Francois favorite sites to work with comprised of a soil type that predates Kimmeridgian called Oxfordian. It has a south-south west exposure and even though the wines have an early approachability they have the complete structure for aging just like a Premier Cru from the Cote d’Or. This is a very impressive wine and one of the best we have ever tasted out of the Cote Chalonaise; a great deal at this price.

Allen Meadows 93 points! “An elegant, pure and again airy nose flashes notes of both red and dark raspberry aromas along with a whisper of spiced plum. The full-bodied flavors are at once dense and powerful but sleek thanks to the relatively fine-grained tannins shaping the succulent, mouth coating and hugely long finish. In the same fashion as the Cras Long, this is clearly built-to-age and is going to need at least 5 years to become approachable. Bravo!”

I’d give it a shot.

Lumpp’s wines in ripe vintages are one of the few true values I’ve been able to find in red Burgundy. I haven’t had this vintage but the vineyard was a reasonably good performer in '15 and '16. Obviously '13 is a much different vintage, but the price is very good.

I bought some of this thanks to the Burgundy Value thread from earlier this month (QPR Burgundy? - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers), and opened one today. I think this is my first Lumpp, but it’s definitely one of the best Pinots I’ve had from south of the Côte d’Or. It’s a 2013, but it tastes a lot better than $25.

Thanks for all the traffic to the website today. I’m the owner of Craft & Curd (we used to be a cheese shop, now we just ship wine out).

I think the wine is drinking great right now. It’s young. The palate is fairly tight actually. The nose more expressive / pretty. That’s about the extent of my tasting notes nowadays as I traded in my cork dork badge for the greedy retailer one.

We get in some good French deals from time to time but our main focus is California (welp). Like mostly really bad California. Wagner pays the bills.

Thanks again for checking out the site. There’s about 5 cases left. It really is a steal especially if you want to lay down for another 2 - 3 years which I think will reward.

Tom Kisthart


Welcome to the board, and I just wanted to say that I love your newsletter. Honesty in retail is so refreshing.


Both my transactions with Craft&Curd have been fantastic, and despite his claim that he’s mainly focused on bad California wine, I got awesome deals on the aforementioned Lumpp, Thierry Germain, Huet, and Pepiere.

I picked up a 3-pack of the Lumpp. Had some 2017 already from Lopa so excited to try an older vintage.

I’ve tasted Lumpp Pinots from 2015 and 2016 as part of ‘Pinot from near Burgundy’ events and they’ve been standouts each time. My guess is that this is an excellent deal. Wish this were in California!

This is an absolutely silly deal. I doubt there’s a better $25 (or $40) wine on earth. If I didn’t already have enough Lumpp, and hadn’t recently blown through my budget several times over, I’d be all over it.

I just ordered a few bottles. I know nothing about it, but am generally pleased with recommendations here. Welcome to the site!

Good wine, very good price.

There’s an affordable Alex Gambal there as well.

Just don´t make Lumpp the next hype wine. There are enough already.

This 13 is a serious wine. It’s much darker than you’d expect and has great concentration. Needs air but definitely doesn’t have the searing acidity of some 13s.

Glad to hear you liked it Michael, I’ve got one on tap for the weekend.