Deal on La Vieille Cure 2005 Fronsac for folks in NC Triangle

Chapel Hill Wine Company announced that they got 74 cases of this QPR Bordeaux that they are selling at $16.55/btl case price which works out to a very nice $200/case. I got one.

It’s probably already gone but I tried to post earlier without luck because of (I suppose) some ongoing server issues here. Or maybe it was because I was trying to put in a graphic. Not allowed in Wine Talk? If so my bad!

But you can give them a call at (919) 968-1884. They may ship out-of-state.

FWIW its a 93 Parker, 90 WS:

“La Vieille Cure’s amazing 2005 is even better than their terrific 2003 and 2000. The 2005 boasts an inky/ruby color as well as a gorgeously sweet perfume of charcoal, black cherries, black currants, and spring flowers as well as an underlying mineral component. Superb concentration, full-bodied power, wonderful symmetry, purity, and texture, and a multidimensional mouthfeel are all found in this fabulous sleeper of the vintage. Anticipated maturity: 2010-2020+”


See? I KNEW Max was ripping us off!!!

Here’s what Todd wrote in the email:

And the deals they keep on coming…

I originally offered this wine in February at the country’s best price of $35. For the quality of the wine, that was a great deal…

Till now. Seems the importer is in need of a little cash influx. As always, I am ready to help!

I tried to order everything they had (200 cases) but could only get 74 cases. If you go online, you’ll see the handful of other accounts nationwide that split it with me. But our price is still the lowest!

I’m telling you all of this up front to prepare you… this will go fast. I know, you’re thinking “74 cases? How fast can it go?” I’m figuring by the end of the day. Maybe sooner. So my apologies now if you miss out. But I do have more deals up my sleeve, so you expect a backup offer!

Ch. Vieille Cure (Fronsac) 2005 – GULP! Sale $16.65 net (best US Price $19.99) – Save 62% off original price of $43.99

That’s $199.80 for a full case!!! “Under $200 for a case of outstanding Bordeaux? Are you serious?” Why, yes I am. Now you see why I tried to buy 200 cases.

This bottle is a great value wine!

I’ve really enjoyed them to date and would encourage those that like (or even think they link Bordeaux) to pick some up.

Any recs on the drinking window? Of course I’ll probably drink one this weekend!

That is a sick deal. Try comparing this wine to ANY $16 California wine. This wine is drinking well now with a decant, but will certainly be better with a few years in the cellar. $16!

Looks like Max took $87 or so out of my pocket (for my 2 cases) and put most in his and a gave a little to the revenuer man (8.625% tax rate). I’m sure he used my ‘windfall profits’ to buy a few new guitars, order some rib-eye caps from Bryan Flannery, and pay the electric bills for a few months!!!
Windfall Profits!!!


That’s how I roll baby! [dance2.gif]

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

Went to the store to pick up the case and the SO and I walked around, grabbed a few more bottles of stuff and I headed for the tasting table. She comes over and says, “Hey there’s a case of wine here with your name on it.” I walk over and it’s a case of 07 Ridge Z’s; 6 Geyers, 3 Paso Robles and 3 Ponzo. We had already gotten a case of Geyser and the same mixed case. SO wonders “Hey maybe it’s your ex’s” which was not totally out of the question as she always drank up all my Ridge’s just to spite me. But no, it was mine; apparently the store put one case on SO’s credit card and one on mine. So now we own more 07 Geyser than anybody else in the state of NC.
[oops.gif] but [winner.gif]

So instead of just a case of the Vieille Cure, I also walk out with 12 Ridge’s (paid for in May so they’re really free right?) and 6 or 7 misc bottles. The wine rack is unable to hold everything.

Got the VC Fronsac waiting in the decanter. A swig out of the bottle was big, tons of tar, tannic, ripe but pure dusty, earthy Bordeaux – no one will mistake this for California. News at 9.

What a great little store.
I visit everytime we visit my in-laws in CH. Considering the modest size, it has as tempting a collection of wine as I ever see in one store - with a great selection of European wines at every price point (except the DRC/Le Pin level.)

Anyone know who still has screaming deals on this wine that ships? Wine-Searcher pro isn’t turning up much in th $20 range now. Damn I forgot! headbang ! -mJ

I’m supposed to get some, eventually, and I might be willing to part with a bottle or two!

I’d just PM Max directly, see if he has any left - just be sure not to take MINE!