DC Younger and Under $100 Tasting Group!?

I have largely been the supplier of my own little tastings with friends and it could be fun to expand the selections and company a bit. I’m a government stiff, so not looking for the blue chip crowd on this one.

Typical format is a region and bottles ranging from $25-100, gather at someone’s house, keep it low key, taste blind.

I am a big fan of most French regions and drink majority Riesling, sparkling, Syrah, and both colors of Burgundy. This group will never have a Napa cab theme! LMK if you’re interested… I’m 37 and have a 3 year old, so live an exceptionally lame life.


I would 100% be in for this. Recently moved to DC (with a lot of wine.) Also a government stiff so fully support this price range. I have a pretty wide range, drink a lot of Beaujolais, would love to expand my Riesling horizons.


Also in on this, I’m not a government stiff so I can bring some variety. In the same boat in terms of where my tastes lie, I gravitate towards cru bojo and pinot for reds, and then loire chenin and french alpine regions for whites. And grower champagne if I can get it.

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I’d love to be included!

Sorry I missed this thread for a few months.

Sounds good. Your Nebbiolo strength could fill a gap for me for sure… think we are looking toward carignane and/or Mourvèdre for the next one!

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My favorite rosé is a Mourvèdre blend (Bedrock Ode to Lulu), but I have no experience to speak of with either grape when vinified as reds. So, everyone can get the first impression that I don’t have a clue. :snort: But also, I’ll get to learn a lot.

I have exactly one bottle each because I wanted to give both a try. I don’t think either is anyone’s idea of a outstanding wine but both should be solid varietal examples. This is good to know so I won’t drink them before then. I sent you a friend request on CT which I think will let you see.

Id recommend involving @R_Gilbane and @J_Singleton in this… while they are a little older than your target demo, they do bring much younger dates with them (jeb once brought his kids baby sitter who was very charming). Furthermore, its rumored that mr gilbane has a Legendary old vine Mourv/Carignane that he can bring to bear

I appreciate the nod, Joe. Unfortunately, the babysitter is back at college until May, so she’s out. might be able to find a local one if I browse the nanny/au pair boards. TBD. I’d be interested but seems Napa themes are out, which is disappointing. Did a Caymus SS vertical last week and really enjoyed seeing how these have evolved over 10 vintages.

Gotta assume that most or all of this is a pile of inside jokes that no one else on the thread is in on…

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?? this wine is no joke… 2018 Dirty and Rowdy “The Legends” Rosewood Vineyards, USA, California, North Coast, Redwood Valley - CellarTracker

I thought the “Younger” on the title referred to the age of the wine, not the age of the participants.

Glad to hear we are now only discriminating against old wines, not old people. Was worried that someone was going to broadly proclaim: "no whites allowed’. That would be not cool, as I like white wines.

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I support a nebbiolo night.

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I’m interested in these. Funny enough some of my usual DC crew has been talking about doing something similar. Please let me know when one comes up. I’m happy to help organize as well. I have a fair amount of restaurants that charge low or no corkage around the DC/NOVA area.

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The intent of this group is home based, non-restaurant venue, spend no additional money on going out bc we already blew all of our income on wine. But yeah, otherwise, PM me or email and I will update with the next time we’re setting something up


Guys, just FYI the German Wine Society is having its 2021 Vintage event with Phil Bernstein next Friday, April 14.

It’s in Bumblefuck, Maryland (AKA Rockville - close to the Shady Grove station), but I think the lineup is pretty good. I’ll be going. It would be great if you sign up and join using the link below.

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Not sure if I qualify as younger as I am over 40 but I have a 10 year daughter so I often feel young (and, just as often, feel old). But would love to participate. I am weak on Italy but strong on France and the US. In Arlington (close to the Italian Store for those that know of it) and am happy to host too (we have a huge screened in porch and a great patio with an outdoor fireplace).

Hey David,

According to Apple Maps there are two of those. I’m guessing you mean the one in Washington Blvd?

Once more,

I’m not the boss, but I’m pretty sure everyone will welcome you. They even tolerate me.

Even guys I consider strong on Italy say they’re only strong on certain parts because there’s just bewildering variety.

What areas of France/US are you most into?

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I’d be down as well. I’m one of the ones that Joel mentioned up above. I’d love more unusual tastings or explorations of regions a bit out of the spotlight. I’ve been buying up any older unusual wines I can.

I forget that they opened a second Italian Store a couple of years ago; I am close to the original one near the intersection of Spout Run Parkway and Langston Blvd.