DC Help?

Heading out there next month for a Rhone Ranger event and hoping to maximize my potential exposure in the area. Retailers I should definitely hit? Potential small distributors I should be in contact with?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


Larry - retailers like MacArthurs and Calvert Woodleys are the biggest for serious wine. That said - I like Schneiders (Capitol Hill) and Arrowine (N. Arlington) as shops on the smaller side. Hope you enjoy DC - let me know if you are interested in an offline and we can get some of the DC winos together.


Matt has hit the big ones. I personally favor MacArthurs and Arrowine (a great shop in Arlington that has terrific cheese and meats and a well-curated inventory). Those are the two shops I miss the most having moved out to Winchester, VA. They are also the two shops from which I still have my parents mule me purchases!


Thanks for the comments thus far! I will be reaching out to a handful for retailers to try to set up appts and to invite to the Rhone Rangers tasting.

As far as an offline goes, I may have Mon night available when I arrive and Tues after the grand tasting - Wed is a winemaker’s dinner at The City Winery that I will be part of.

Keep me posted - and do recommend some smaller distributors if possible.


Weygandt Wines.

The guy who runs this operation lives in NW DC, I believe.


This place is a newish hipster natural wine shop - https://domestiquewine.com

Zachy’s dc

Larry - Agree with the suggestions on names. A strategy may be more important for a (relatively) small volume producer.
Personally, I think that your best fit is Weygandt. Approx. 80-90% of the stock is stuff that Peter imports. They have started carrying some lesser known American stuff in the last few years. I’ve tasted with Todd Hamina and Chris Cotrell there. Let me know if you want an intro/reference - I have spent a fair amount of money there.
Buying RR tickets in DC is on my list for tomorrow.
Drop me a line if you want any other DC info.

Email sent.

A. Litteri http://alitteri.com/Home_Page.php is a place I have been meaning to visit. It’s an Italian specialist. A little tucked away but that part of town is devoping.