DC Area Offline - March 2014 (now maybe April)

Sergio’s Ristorante in Silver Spring, MD, now offers corkage. I’ve been dining here since I was a kid, and I can’t say enough good things about the place. Authentic Northern Italian cuisine.

Putting together an offline, and planning to coordinate a solid tasting menu with Sergio. Expect a mix of his homemade pastas, some seafood, and a meat course (likely veal or pork). Anything Italian wine-wise should be fine. $50 minimum on the bottle. Stemware isn’t the best so we will bring in our own glasses and decanters.

There’s already a lot of interest in this event assuming we can make the date work, so if you’re interested, respond soon as this will fill up quickly. Hoping to secure a private room that seats about 12.

March 8 looks to be the best date.


In +1

Are you thinking northern Italian wines too?

Glad you’re in! I think we can leave it open to Italian wines in general for now. Maybe refocus once the menu is set.

a little far away but please add me. Are spouses invited?

Tentative yes on spouses. Need to see how many we can squeeze into the room. We could always just use a normal table in the main room if we have a big group. Of course, I’d like to limit the group to 12 max because any more than that and the pours of each wine would be tiny. Tiny as it is at 12.

I’m tentatively in. If Northern Italian food, I’d vote matching wines… Mature please. flirtysmile [cheers.gif]

Peter, what makes you “tentative”?

I’m tentatively in depending on the date and possibly +1.

Sticking with March 8 for the date. Has a nice ring to it.

I’m tentative and definitely not +1 as my wife is traveling that weekend for business. My parents are in town and will be watching the kids so I may be able to get out to dinner. Please don’t feel obliged to hold a spot for me though.


I’d be in depending on the date. Unfortunately March 8th is an Air Force weekend for me. I’ll keep check back for dates. -mJ

I would be definitely interested, but am short on mature Italian wines. Most of what I have is of the 2003 or 2004 vintage and Tuscan to boot. The’05 Del Forno is just too young to even consider.

Update - We’re confirmed for 12 people at Sergio’s on 3/8 at 7 PM. If this date works for you, please respond here or via PM. We’re limited to 12 people (really the max for a proper tasting event), and I will be working with Sergio to put together a good menu for us. At this point it looks like we’ll have spouse-room but I’m tempted to keep this as a wine geek night.

And as far as the wines we’ll drink, “mature” Italians are of course welcome, but if you have something you think is worth sharing that’s $50+ and ready to drink, bring it on. Personally I’m not all that deep in Italian wine, and this food is so wine friendly that just about anything could work, so if we want to open it up, we can. I’d recommend a few whites as well, as he does a lot of amazing seafood dishes that would go beautifully with a nice chardonnay/Chablis etc.

Also, if you want to bring something to taste but not open/share completely, I have newly acquired a Coravin. Not sure how such a move would fare in a group of 12, but it would be interesting nonetheless!

march 8th sounds good to me

I’d love to attend. I’m limited with my Italian wines, but I could bring a white from Etna and maybe a Chablis?

OK, so far I have:
Darryl P (+1),
Jay Winton (+1)
Peter Lowet - tentative
David Ehrlich
Art Kuo
Robert Johnnston (+1)
Issac James Baker

If we keep this to non-spouses, then we’re at 8. My wife is a maybe; with her that’s 11 so room for either 4 more or 1 more.

If anything changes please let me know.

Updated 1/24

I would love to attend!

Put me down as a +1.