Dang it Turley!

How am I supposed to choose between Bedrock, Turley, and Carlisle in such a short period of time?! Oh well, first world problem I guess…

Did you get an email? I haven’t seen anything yet.

Yep got it about 30 minutes ago. Already loaded up the cart…

I’m biased (Tegan is a friend and a colleague), but I believe that Turley has never been better.

Haven’t received offer yet and website hasn’t given me allocation. I went off the list and then back on so I must be in a later wave.

I got the e-mail yesterday morning, looked at the huge allocation, started to decide what I wouldn’t buy, and just shook my head and decided to sleep on it.

I find I’m buying way more '11’s than I had anticipated. I’m guessing it’s not going to be as rough as “they” say.

Logged in and have a small allocation. Nice relief since I had passed on a couple releases and was afraid this might be the one where they dropped me. I’m ready to leap back in.

I ended up putting together a case. One thing I love about these Turleys is that, with a few excpetions, there’s never any question about opening them too early. It’s always an easy decision to pop one.

Got my allocation. I think I’m only buying 4 (2 zin and 2 PS). I am having a really hard time not buying, but I have to cut back for financial and spacial reasons. I passed on Ceritas, I’m passing on Sojourn, I couldn’t pass on Halcon (4 bottles). :frowning:

Edit: decided to grab my parents a bottle and one more for myself to round out a half-case.

What kind of racking do you have in your cellar/wine fridge?

I keep the Turley bottles on the top shelves there there is more room or strategically placed in other locations around my house (shippers, etc.). The inconvenience of the bottle is made up for many time over with what is contained inside.

These babies fit perfectly in a La Cache. I really should be compensated for how much I plug the greatness of these cabinets.

Cool. It sounds like you like them more than Bedrock and Carlisle, so I’d suggest buying heavier on Turley than you do Bedrock in Carlisle. [cheers.gif]

Anyone have the fortune of trying these wines?

I’m going up to the new Turley tasting room in Amador this Friday and I’ll report back if they are pouring any of them.

Please do!

I happened to check the site prior to the email going out and saw the allocation was open :slight_smile:

As a side-note, has anyone had any luck replacing corked bottles of Turley? I popped my first 2010 the other night, the Rattlesnake Ridge Zin, and it was all acid and cardboard [cry.gif]

Email them, Dusty. They should take care of it.

Are our allocations guaranteed or is it first come…?

It says open until Sept 20 but it also says FIFO.