Damn this sinus infection!

This stupid thing has put my nose/palate out of commission for close to a week. Anyone else usually sidelined for a week when their nose won’t cooperate?


I had some kind of bronchial/sinus infection thing recently and yes, I could not smell much of anything. I was drinking almost no alcohol anyway so not a big loss. Everything back to normal.

Just recovered from one that was fortunately short lived.

My go-to wine when my nose was a bit sub-par used to be something like Domaine du Vissoux Beaujolais Cuvée Traditionnelle – easy to enjoy the aromas even with a stuffy nose, and just such an joyful wine.


Been the first year in awhile that I did not have a problem. Been using a saline spray regularly (not sinus stuff) that has made a huge difference this year.

I damn thee!

Classic! :slight_smile:

This helps.

I am a neti pot user as well. It is completely disgusting but quite effective.

yes… I poured a good bottle down the sink earlier this year because of sinus infection. I wish I realized at the time what the real problem was.

Rose and receded repeatedly for about 2 months before I figured it wasn’t a cold, allergies, or air pollution.

Neti pot and over-the-counter drugs managed it but it was the second antibiotic my doctor tried that finally killed it. Loved the ream of fine print that came with that one. It used on patients suffering from anthrax and the plague and a side effect of particular concern is snapping tendons. [wow.gif]

But I could still taste wine! [cheers.gif]

Yes at some point after you have tried the other gentler approaches, Biaxin will work.

Cipro “snapping tendons” is ridiculous–incidence rises from 1:100,000 to 1.3:100,000 when on the drug. And it is effective against anthrax.

I had to take antibiotics to finally kill the beast. Netipots do help.

Saline rinse is for peasants. A true balla would use Petrus in the Neti pot.

At least there’s sort of a cure. I had an inner ear infection last fall that put me out of commission for over a month. Was too dizzy to do much besides sit or lay down. Definitely not in any shape to drink.

Neti pot = Good
Neil-Med = Great

I switched a few years back and it has made a huge difference. Just a plastic bottle that you fill with warm saline and squeeze into each nostril, letting the liquid come out the other (a’la neti pot). But the very slight pressure from the squeeze is much more effective than the “gravitational drip” method of the neti pot.

Also adding a few drops of baby shampoo has been shown to thin the gunk that lies there.

Mix grape Delsym with Caymus 40th.

Yep, Juniper and cedar season here in Santa Fe. Can’t appreciate any smells.

Could you tell which was which?