Damn, that wine is tight!

Posted about a riesling in my cellar, from another CT user. I know some rieslings can be austere, but damn…

This person seems curiously well informed about camels.

Wonder if that person served in Iraq?

Yeah, I was sorta thinking the same thing.

CellarTracker handle: TELawrence

Sure it’s not TELawban?

Had an 86 pichon lalande About 15 years ago that was as tight as a shark’s arse at 30 fathoms. Worse still, was a 96 grivot richebourg about 10 years ago that was so young the parents hadn’t met, let alone done the dirty deed yet.

What happens to a shark’s arse at 180 ft?

I prefer both this one and the camel to John Kapon’s reference to a nun.

Blonde Camel ?