Damn! I forgot my corkscrew.

How on earth will I ever get to enjoy my Two Buck Chuck? [cry.gif]

The knife thing is Bullsh!t… I tried it during the holidays. Brought wine to my tee totaling moms house for a lunch with family. It turns out she doesn’t have a corkscrew. I tried the knife thing… Eventually my son (quite possibly smarter than me, at least he was that day) just walked next door to the neighbor and borrowed a corkscrew.

The shoe works with real cork every time.

I like the screw into the cork and then pulling it out with a hammer

I used a knife around christmas time when a stubborn cork wouldn’t budge. The next day I went out and bought an ah so.

When I was 22, I brought a bottle of Korbel to my girlfriend’s friend’s 21st birthday. We were in the city, no one had planned ahead, and we had stopped by the local supermarket after dinner to pick up some booze. Knowing very little about wine at the time, I at least had the foresight to pick up a sparkler that wouldn’t require a corkscrew. Another gentleman, who was in attendance that evening, picked up
two magnums of Rex Goliath Chardonnay. I’ll never forget how cringeworthy that wine was, nor will I forget the hilarity of him pushing the corks into the bottles with his car keys. Looking back, I know the Korbel was a terrible wine, but that certainly didn’t stop everyone from enjoying a small pour.