Dallas Eats - Fuel City Tacos

Not much to say…

Damn good tacos…some say the best in DFW…I’m not sure I could argue against this…oh, and its in a gas station…

$1.50 each

WTF - lemons?

Make lemonade.

That’s what they gave me. That said, I didn’t use them…and the tacos were damn good.

Cut the fat of the meat?

Limes. Mexicans use lots and lots of limes.

If I was in Mexico maybe I would bitch about it…but I was in Texas.

Those Texans eff everything up. Even in Oregon we get limes.

WTF - radishes?

Yeah, all of us Texans do that. [bullshit.gif]

Well, maybe not you, but I have two words for you. Shiner Bock. [rofl.gif]

A very common garnish in Michoacan. Quit while yer behind, willya? [tease.gif]

So why you be hating Shiner Bock beeyatch? [snort.gif]

Because it sucks? [rofl.gif]

Nice. What meats did you get?

Texas does serve up some pretty lame “Mexican” food but once I switched my paradigm to think of it as a different animal, I have been able to enjoy a number of places.

Do they do the hot salsa thing up in DFW? (meaning served warm)


Looks like al pastor to me, but it just hit me. Only Texans would make a taco with a flour tortilla. [swearing.gif]

I thought pastor with the 3rd pic but wasn’t sure if they were all the same.

I did notice the flour tortillas as well.


I had the same paradigm in reverse about any place in the United States.

The bulk of what is served in Texas is what we call Tex-Mex. Yes, it is different. It is not Mexican food. However, if you look around you can get various versions from Tex-Mex to true Mexican to Yucatan to Salvadorian influences and beyond.

Concerning salsa…it totally depends on where you go. Some places service it hot, some service it cold, some of it is picante style, some is hot sauce style (similar to a Lousiana hot sauce but Mexican influenced), etc…

I call bull shit. [bullshit.gif] I’ve seen tacos made with flour tortilla’s all over this freaking country.

Concerning here in Texas…once again…it totally depends what you’re seeking out. Some places do all of their tacos in soft flour tortillas, some do all in soft corn tortillas, some in hard corn tortillas, etc… Some places let the customer select their tacos from any or all of the above. Your choice. Damn, there’s a concept. neener

By the way, I had tacos yesterday for lunch. The place I went to gave me a choice. I chose soft corn tortillas. There wasn’t an f’g lemon slice in sight. [soap.gif]

Don’t take teasing so well, eh Joe? neener Sometimes you Texicans are soooooo sensitive.