Dallas bachelor party reccs

Looks like my younger brother has settled on Dallas as the location for his bachelor party. Expect to arrive Friday and depart Sunday. He’ll have 6-8 guys so we’re likely going to rent a house somewhere (open to thoughts on location).

Looking for suggestions on restaurants (likely one dinner out, one at the house). Ideas on an event for Saturday other than golf.

Thanks in advance!


I should have noted the time frame - mid March.

The greatest bachelor party I ever attended was in Dallas, at least to start. We somehow got to Austin too. This was in the 80s, and things were a bit different then.

Did it include a shoe shine at the Million Dollar Saloon?

Those were different times…

Not quite enough information here David. What is commonly referred to as Dallas is actually quite a few cities in what we know as the Metroplex which covers two counties and several fairly large cities. AirBnb is a good place to look for a large house but to pick the right area depends a lot on what the group might want to do. March can be cold but you never know for sure. If they are basketball fans and depending on the dates, the Dallas Mavericks may have a home game. The arena is on the edge of downtown Dallas.

There are several of us here in the Metroplex that can help if we have a little more information.

Bearing in mind that the several of us Michael mentions likely haven’t been to a bachelor party in decades at this point. Want to know where the museums and sports venues are located? We got you covered. Titty bars? Might be able to point in the right direction. :wink:

But Joe, we could always ask Phil :slight_smile: champagne.gif

Thanks, guys.

I used to travel to the area frequently so I may or may not be familiar with the strip clubs :wink: That said, I don’t think that’s on the card for this particular event.

Pretty open to ideas across the board. My brother mentioned looking at a rental in Highland Park but I don’t know that area at all. Other ideas for where to rent are welcome. If there’s a particular location that would permit us to walk to various venues that would be ideal, but I know the area is pretty spread out.

I’ll likely rent a large SUV and willing to drive for a neat event on Saturday other than golf. For example - I attended a bachelor party in Maine a few years ago. The best man arranged for our group to shoot clay pigeons through LL Bean. That was really cool and I thought a great idea.

Like I mentioned, we’ll probably do one dinner at the house and one dinner out. This isn’t a big wine group and BYO there is like it is here, right? i.e. non-existent without a secret handshake

I’d lean towards Uptown instead of Highland Park only because HP is more of an upscale enclave and Uptown is closer to most of the current hit restaurants and such.

You said mid-March. If that happens to be Saturday the 17th that’s our St. Patrick’s Parade Festival weekend. Obviously you guys can go to the parade (be prepared to party aka drink like a fish). Tons of events built around it that weekend. You can even enter to be in it if you’re so inclined.

Obviously we have all kinds of standard attractions like Dallas Museum of Art, Dealey Plaza and the 6th Floor Museum, Nasher Sculpture Center, Zoo, Arboretum, etc… You can Google those pretty easy to fill in some stuff if anybody feels like being educated during bachelor weekend.

You guys could do Top Golf for one activity. Hit some balls, drinks some cocktails, share some appetizers, etc…

You can go day drinking at the Truck Yard. Great place to hang outside drinking, live music, etc…

If any of you guys are sailors you can rent a skiff at White Rock Lake. Saturdays locals come out and race each other. Drink. Etc…

We have a lot of brew pubs these days if you’re up for a pub crawl.

Along those lines you guys could rent the Buzz Bike. You pedal around uptown (or anywhere else) while drinking. Think moving bar.

You guys could go to the Panic Room. They’ll lock your asses in a room and you figure out how to escape as a group.

There are always sporting events available that AAC in Uptown, Jerryworld in Arlington, etc…

Visit to downtown Fort Worth and the Stockyards might be in the cards.

I’ll try to think of some other stuff.

Side Note: if you stay in Uptown Kyle Warren Park is an elevated park over the highway that connects Uptown to Downtown now. So you can easily walk, uber, take the street car through or to there and get into downtown easily and take DART trains to other parts of Dallas as needed. There are usually activities in the park. There is an online calendar you can check for events. Concerts, cultural events, etc…

Thanks, Joe!! This is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. Hope you’re doing well!

You too David. Been a while since we shared a bottle.