Dakota Shy Social Currency -- understanding its place within their other offerings

First got introduced to Dakota Shy through the Detert connection. Haven’t had the opportunity to taste tons of their stuff but liked what we’ve had so far. Heard about Social Currency, which seems to be a little more “cult-y.”

Curious about Social Currency – definitely their highest-priced offering, do people think it’s worth it?

Previously we’ve really only spent that much money on things like Bond Matriarch, Continuum, etc. Any good comps for style/flavor/notes?

Not a fan of social currency but do like their napa cab and moulds offering


Why not?

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Just didn’t like the style of the wine or the taste. Prefer the others much more.

Is Social Currency their only pure hillside wine?

Just tasted their entire 2021 lineup, have not been a fan of social currency in the past, always loved the Moulds.

I did buy the 2021 social currency after tasting it. Actually preferred it to the Moulds in this sitting. Still bought more of the Moulds because of price differential.