Dacalier Wine Company - 4-pack

Dacalier Wine Company

The philosophy of Dacalier Wine Co. is to create handcrafted artisan quality wines that harken back to the old world made with new world, California fruit. Our offer is a mixed 4 pack of wines that include one of each bottle described below.

2008 De La Terre - Rustic, old world Rhone blend of 81% Grenache, 14% Carignan & 5% Syrah. I will let the tasting note below speak for itself. 300 cases produced - $24
“Popped and left in glass 30min. Beautiful scarlet color, about 60% saturated with quick and clear legs. Aroma is not as rustic as a year ago and is driven more with dried cherries and some currant, with a lighter dose of the formerly prominent smoke. Palate also feels drier than before, with a likable bit of tang in the acidity and some leathery tannin. Medium bodied and a long, nuanced finish. This is far and away the most Old World (spec. Rhone) style wine I’ve ever had from USA” Fingers, CellarTracker tasting note

2009 De La Terre - 60% Grenache, 38% Mourvedre, 2% Syrah. Our latest release, If you loved the 2008, wait until you try the 09 in all its old world glory. The color is garnet and pinot like, due to our minimal handling of the fruit during fermentation. Raspberries, leather and nice acidity accompany our latest release. 300 cases produced $24
Just released, so no CT notes yet.

2009 Deux Barrique - 50% Mourvedre, 47% Grenache and 3% Viognier this is a beautiful, feminine wine that pays homage to the Cote Rotie’s of the Rhone. We co-fermented viognier in a single barrel of Grenache, then we chose our best barrel of Mourvedre and we paired the two together to produce Deux Barrique. This wine has a beautiful mouth feel and wonderful floral aroma from the Viognier. Ranked #1 of 15 wines in a blind tasting of new world and old world Rhones in 2011. 50 cases produced and only 7 cases left. $35
“If Dave Smig hadn’t been next to me, I might have thought this was a rose. It is very light in color. That did not translate to the body though as this has some weight to it. Slightly earthy aromas with some stewed meaty qualities. Also some black raspberries. On the palate, this is clean with raspberries and some black raspberries. Nice finish. Very nice wine.” Loren Sonkin, CellarTracker tasting note.

2009 Cote Du Soleil - 95% Viognier, 5% Chardonnay. A beautiful backbone of acidity and just a touch of chardonnay gives this white Rhone blend a wonderful structure for a Viognier dominated wine. 80 cases produced and only 13 cases left $21
The Cote du Soleil is a great summer wine… light and crisp, very refreshing, but with a pleasant bit of unexpected backbone. recotte, CellarTracker tasting note

Winery retail for a 4 pak would be $104.00 and shipping to east coast is ~30$
Berserker day deal - $80.00 includes applicable taxes + $20 for ground shipping
Super deal - (3) 4 packs = Mixed case with Free shipping. A mixed case of Dacalier Rhone blends for $240.00 to your door is a berserker of a deal.

Included in every order will be an additional 20% off coupon on any future re-orders in 2012. Great thing to use when we release our award winning Rose this spring.

Any questions feel free to post them in the thread and I will respond as soon as I can.

Dave… please set aside one 4-pack for me. I don’t use PayPal since I had issues with it in the past.

Eric Keating

The 3 pack 4 pack no shipping cost deal is a no brainer. Thanks for participating, Dave.

Eric, i will happily save a 4 pack for ya. I may pick up one of you mixed cases as well, so maybe we just trade our stuff around??

I ordered a mixed case. Great wines and awaiting the rosé when it is released, one of the best around. I do miss no PB Hein offer, sort of our house Syrah.

I got my 2 boxes of sensitive electronic devises, entered into the computer post haste. Thanks Dave