Da Akroyd pimps vodka "filtered" with diamonds.

Yeah…that’s the TICKET! With apologies to Lovitz, what is Dan smoking?

http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/spirits/dan-aykroyd-crystal-head-vodka/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Skull for the guys, diamonds for the gals. Gotta have a schtick for everyone I guess. [scratch.gif]

Very old news on the east coast, is this new in CA?

It is a decent vodka, love the packaging. Have it around mostly for the display.

Rain vodka has been doing the diamond dust filtering for years. Makes some sense as it is just carbon.

The line from Ackroyd though is about some quartz crystals, called ‘Herkimer Diamonds.’ Not carbon and not, I suspect, chemically active at all.


In Las Vegas for a couple of years. Ackroid was even doing a commercial for one of the large local retailers.

Not new, but he is in town signing at wine shops.

Unless I am missing something, diamond dust is not even remotely the same thing as activated carbon filtration.

Hell, watch a Blackhawks game here and Danny boy is pimping for Binny’s. Makes perfect sense, a guy who’s brand is sold by largest(depending on who you talk to) distributor (that happens to own the Hawks) in town to the largest retailer in Chicago .

I saw this quite some time ago and thought it was totally cool. However, when I found one at a local store, I did not think the skull bottle looked as good in person as it did in the online pictures. Still kind of neat.


Maybe if Roberto tweets about it, it might pick up steam again. neener

Yes. I was being slightly facetious, but also considering that “diamond dust” might be more metaphorical than literal.

Rain vodka, the first people I heard making the ‘diamond dust’ claim over 10 yrs ago, distills at the same facility as Buffalo Trace. They treat their vodka as an industrial secret and would not let us in that area nor were willing to talk. If I have a chance, I will see if my micro-distillery neighbors know anything.