Current winter truffle options

I am planning a nebbiolo based wine weekend, and am considering a couple fresh truffle courses. White truffle season has come and gone, and I was thinking about what black truffle options anyone would recommend. Also how is the quality season wise? I have bought from Urbani in the past, but any recs for sourcing would be greatly appreciated. I am not married to the idea, but if it is a good season and there are good options to add to the meal, I am game. If you think the season is weak or that it may not add much to the meal, feel free to let me know. The dinner will be in 5 weeks if that makes any difference season wise.

If it matters, the dishes being considered are:

Risotto with truffles
Soft scrambled egg with fontina toast and truffle
Tajarin with butter and truffle

Thanks in advance.

I enjoyed the Perigord truffles quite a bit over Thanksgiving. I purchased them from Fatted Calf here in SF and had them with homemade egg pasta as well as fried eggs.

I bought more for Christmas from Market Hall. I think they were having quality issues because they cut off a sizeable portion of each piece to check them before selling. They seemed less aromatic than the ones from Thanksgiving despite being more ripe.

Overall, I’d say don’t bend over backwards for truffles this season.