Current Vegas Recs

Any thoughts on great/eclectic wine lists at reasonable (ie not expense account) prices in Las Vegas? Staying near at Venetian but willing to explore…


Vegas winelists on the strip generally suck for wine geeks, having eaten at a lot of places. Carnevino is an exception, but it’s very pricey. They have some cheaper stuff, but the markup is crushing (winelist is online). Otto, the pizza place, has some overlap with the Carnevino list, and cheaper bottles (plus interesting by the glass).

Second on Chada, as well as Lotus of Siam, which are both off-strip but close cabrides from Venetian.

I’m going this weekend and trying the new Michael Mina Bardot Brasserie at Aria - the wine list isn’t online but they claim on the website to have a deep list.

Also trying Yardbird, a new Southern place at Venetian, and their winelist is online and is promising.

Finally, Double Helix wine bar in the Palazzo shops has a store that has a small, but IIRC decent selection (I picked up a Lioco Hanzell Vineyard chard there once), so you could go BYOB, and even with the $30+ corkage still do well.

Possibly Bartolotta at the Wynn? Make sure you sit outside.

Always liked the list at CUT at Venetian. (amongst other places like LOS (list has fallen off), and Chada)

Another endorsement for Chada. Also, I like the wine list at Picasso if going upscale. serrano’s tapas in the Aria used to have a nice list but it’s been a while since I was last there so not sure if it still does.

I don’t remember the list as all that great and the wine service was the worst I have ever experienced. The wine was parked so far away from the table I couldn’t even see it and the servers were not paying attention so we went long periods with empty glasses.

How’s the food at Chada?

Bank Atcharawan’s cooking at Chada is currently better than his aunt’s at Lotus of Siam. He brings it every night, all night, until 3am. Dinner only.


Los was great. But now just a shell of its former self.
Chada owns. Cooking is great.

Everything we ate at Chada was top notch. Add me to the list that thinks this is better than LOS now. I will add that I prefer the smaller dinning room and that the waitstaff is great.

I’ve gotten some sick ass deals at Cut in Vegas (actually in the Palazzo), most recently an 07 roulot perrieres for $3xx this past november.

Liotta and I drank some 05 Truchot Charmes Chambertin and 05 Truchot MSD 1er Clos Sorbes for retail prices (in Jan of 2014).

Lotus of Siam. Best in Vegas.

Did Chada. Great food, great Rieslings! 1995 Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese for $125.

Thanks to all for the recs!

Recently dined and enjoyed the nice list of Riesling at LOS. Also, while expensive- Vegas baby, the wine list is near unabridged dictionary size at Estiatorio Milos. The food (we had both lunch and dinner while there) was outstanding in freshness, quality, service and QPR.

worth mentioning that Emeril’s in the MGM has some really great deals right now. had a bachelor party dinner there and bought 88 Monfortino ($325) and 04 Dauvissaut Preuses ($115).

the other places i love are Chada and Cut.