Current Betz Offering

Has anyone taken advantage of the current Betzs offering? It’s the cab and clos de Betz. I’ve had neither, but have heard nice things about their wines, especially from Eric.

I bought 3 of each. That’s been my usual order for the past few years.

Love 'em!

  • 2008 Betz Family Cabernet Sauvignon Père de Famille - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (7/13/2010)
    Wow, saturated, structured, deep and brooding. Me likey. This is quite a kick in the teeth at this stage after recent bottling, but in the vein of the past few vintages of the PdF this is a Cab-dominated monster.
  • 2008 Betz Family Clos de Betz - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (7/13/2010)
    This was only bottled a few months ago and won’t be released until next spring. It is showing quite firm and structured at this stage, relatively reticent. There are mounds of the usual black fruit and Merlot love, but they are locked up for now. Very nice aromatics with a sort of pine-forest fresh breeze element with nice resin notes. I suspect this will unfold considerably before release next spring.

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I tasted at the same time as Steve Tanzer who gave these 94 and 93 respectively. In general the 2008’s are seemingly a lot more restrained and taut than the 2007’s.

I’m definitely a buyer of these. Just need to calibrate how many at this point.

I also purchased 3 of each. One to taste a few weeks after arrival and the other two to age (yeah, right :wink: )

Eric - What would you recommend as a drinking window for these wines?

2 each on both the the PdF and CdB…

For me, Betz is one of the top tier producers (for both the spring Bdx blends and the fall Rhones) on the “home team” here in Washington – along with Cadence, Abeja, Cayuse, and Ross Andrew.


I tend to slurp down my CdB after 2-3 years once the oak settles. I try to keep my hands off my PdF for 8-10 years or so, but I always end up doing a little bit of babykilling. I am quite taken with the more recent vintages which has featured a higher percentage of Cabernet.

We ordered 3 of each and a mag of the PdF. I’m still holding out from tapping into my 05’s of both PdF and Clos. Might be about time to check in on one of the Clos…

I, too, am excited and will probably grab some as I have in vintages past. The only thing that kills me, especially after getting on some other mailing lists recently, is the 6 bottle minimum order thing. My wallet is already hurting. Wish we could order less than the 6 bottles…sigh…I inquired about this in the past and the Betz family said I could indeed order less than six but would still have to pay the shipping as if there were six which I couldn’t figure out.

One of the best priced wines in the US for what you get in the bottle, the only problem is trying to wait to drink them, as I am usually disappointed when I open early, but I am overwhelmed by what they are like with 6+ years. Their customer service is knock out too!

One of my favorite offerings each year, In for 14 Cab and 10 Merlot.

What are the list prices on these wines?


The cab is $60 (same as last year) and the merlot-dominate blend is $48 (just a touch higher than last year if I remember right).

I think there is a 10% discount for a case purchase (mixed).