CT auction prices

Where do CT auction prices come from?? I know it says wine market journal but I do not have a subscription. In other words, where does the wine market journal data come from? I will buy bottles off winebid and the number is not updated, even months later. Does this journal actually track the auction market? Is this number in CT at all reliable for present value?



CT uses a quarterly average so one specific transaction may not move the needle.

I tend to find the CT prices to be consistently a bit lower than the market averages.

Or… I’m just overpaying for everything! :joy:

I think a lot of folks don’t add shipping and/or tax, I find a lot of recent vintage stuff showing lower CT price than I can find.

Of course for most older wines, the CT price seems to be dominated by the original prices, which are sometimes (often?) substantially lower.


That’s a good call on tax/shipping. I also wonder if enough restaurants and others buying closer wholesale prices also use CT for inventory purposes and skew some of the averages.

I recall reading somewhere that Wine Market Journal doesn’t (or can’t) track Winebid results. That makes sense to me as I don’t think Winebid publishes a “prices realized” as do other houses.