Cruse Tradition Sparkling Dosage Trials

Just got the email for Cruse’s interactive dosage trial for his “Tradition” sparkling wine (not Ultramarine but pretty impressive for CA). Seems like a very cool and unique experience for the current online tasting trend.

Kinda shocked that this didn’t engender more discussion. Personally, I jumped all over this. I drink a lot of Champagne and sparkling wine, but I’ve never done a dosage trial. And I’m very excited about this even, which adds a unique dynamic to a zoom tasting.

Totally agree. A no brainer for me. Nice to be able to get some of the Cruse Tradition with it too.

Glad I’m not alone! Jumped on this immediately even before knowing it came with two bottles of Tradition. Very excited.

Thought about it, until I added up all the bottles of bubbly I have bought since quarantine started. Stared at my wife for 10 seconds and hit delete.

My wife asked me why I even bothered asking her champagne.gif

You’ve clearly bought less bubbles that I have lately.

The dam has already been breached, no stopping it now

What’s the price point here, sounds really cool but would like to find out before I sign up. I love the producer but I am able to buy Cruse locally.

$175 for two bottles of Tradition, 4 187 ml’s for the tasting, and 2 day shipping.


Hahaha. Love it. champagne.gif

Also, super cool idea with the dosage trials.

Going in blind having never sampled a Cruse sparkling wine. Great idea!

Anyone get the email for the webinar? Just making sure i didnt miss it. Thanks!

Haven’t seen an email, but there’s a sheet in the shipment box that has the webinar link and instructions.

Perfect, thanks

Was a great time in round 1 last week, super unique experience. Fun experiment in confirmation bias

Invite just came out for this year’s round of dosage trials. Lots of fun last year, so definitely going to do it again.

Was looking forward to doing it this year but sadly not able to ship to CO

Did they confirm this? I had issues with the website not giving me shipping options, but they were able to fix it for me pretty quickly