Cristal files trademark objection to Oregon's Crystal Visions

Thank God, because I was always getting them confused


Hopefully, it will be crystal clear now – or is it cristal clear?


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There was a good NYT editorial about overhauling patent rules. I think trademark rules are due for an upgrade too. No one is confusing Appleton Area School District with the maker of a $600 wheel kit for your computer tower.

Cristal tastes like rabbit urine. I hope the Oregonians change their name to differentiate themselves from that AC-duct cleaner.

You clearly have never enjoyed lapin foie gras. Quite the delicacy with Prosecco. Cuts through the uric acid note. Creamy and expressive.

So Dom tastes like Clorox (Costco thread) and Cristal tastes like rabbit urine. Got it. Also have a pretty clear picture at this point of why you’re here #DontFeedTheTrolls

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Roederer appears to be filing against anything with “Crystal” in the name.

Is that what happened to my Crystal Pepsi?!!


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Lawyers looking for billable hours. These types of lawyers are the worst.

Time to go after the meth dealers.

Crap, what is going to happen to Crystal Palace F.C.? I’ll be boycotting Roederer if they start messing with the great EPL teams!

Crystal Jade restaurants.

Crystal Light is next!

Yes, far too easy to confuse their product with crystal meth [snort.gif]

I heard the original Crystal Palace is filing suit.

And there it is:

The Cristal vs. Crystal Visions confusion question will not be formally resolved. Schmidt and Myers plan to abandon their trademark application and rename their sparkling pinot noir. Anne E. Koch of Wyse Kaddish LLP, Landmass Wines’ attorney, said it didn’t make financial sense to respond to Cristal’s opposition.

“The bottom line is people with deep pockets have a distinct advantage,” Koch said