Cresta Velia

Had a wonderful O’shaughnessy Howell Mountain cab awhile back and just came across another winery called Cresta Velia which makes a a HM cab. Any opinions on the winery and/or how it compares to the O’shaughnessy?

Love Cresta Velia. Nice HM profile with earth, forest floor and red fruit notes, drinks well early but has the stuffing to age. Not the QPR of the Outpost CS, and would put it a step behind the O’Shaughnessy, but not far behind. Don’t think you will regret if you give it a try.

if I am remembering correctly, the winemaker worked for Thomas Rivers’s Brown, and the first vintage was 2010. I bought a few out of the gate, and thought they were too tight/structured out of the gate, but showed promise. Maybe it’s time to revisit.