Create Your Own Premium Private Label Wines

As foreshadowed in the recent thread “The 'Welcome New BerserkerBusiness members' thread - WINE TALK - WineBerserkersWelcome to New BerserkerBusinesses, VDLT is launching a new program focusing on creating private label premium wines. Much of our extensive portfolio of outstanding European wines from small, artisanal producers is available for this program. The combination of small production and very limited distribution ensures at least a measure of exclusivity.

For anyone who cares about the quality of the wine or wants their brand associated with excellence, this is a great opportunity with many applications and benefits:

  • Collectors & Wine Enthusiasts can create labels with meaning to them to share with friends and family. It’s a great way to celebrate and remember a birth, wedding or other special event

  • Businesses can offer the ultimate gift that will enduringly remind the recipient of your company and pour it at events

  • Restaurants can amplify their brand and use their own wine as the basis for their by-the-glass program

  • Country Clubs can serve them in their bar and dining room. They also make great tournament prizes

  • Appropriate Non-Profits can use them to keep their organization on the minds of their supporters

Opportunities for developing private labels are available to most people and businesses in the Continental US and possibly in Europe. For private customers, prices are similar to those on our website. Re-sellers can purchase at wholesale.

Among Berserkers who have experienced our wines and Community, satisfaction levels are incredibly high. PM or email me if you are curious or interested or if you want to connect someone else with us. Use the link in my signature to explore more about VDLT.