CraftSteak's Short Rib Recipe

Found this online, looks easy enough:

This dish is always one of my favorites on the menu.

That looks tasty. I love me some short ribs. I’m gonna ask my wife to make this. She makes 4 different preparations of short ribs that I love, but there’s always room for more.

Just had Serges version today and it was out of sight.

This recipe is almost identical to his recipe in “Think Like a Chef”, which I use just about every time I make short ribs. It’s simple, delicious and virtually foolproof.

For those of you who like Fine Coooking – there’s a Tom Colicchio “cooking without recipes” article on braising which has a fabulous short rib recipe. The recipe is online, but I can’t find the whole article.


I was gonna say the same thing. This has been my short rib recipe for a decade or so. Reminds me, I haven’t done the braised pork belly in a looong time. Gotta fix that.

A slight modification to that recipe is to use a little yam in your aromatics. Takes the braising liquid to a whole new level.

Sweet potato?

Thanks for the link, I’m going to try this out tonight.

Thanks for posting; as mentioned, I’m always in the market for another short rib recipe.

This is pretty standard although the addition of sherry wine vinegar, cherry pepper, and tarragon sound very intriguing.

However, the recipe doesn’t say anything about glazing the ribs and if you watch Top Chef, you know Tom doesn’t like short-ribs that don’t have a glaze! neener

People are all over the map on this. But yes Mr. Pedantic, the orange and sweet potato thing. Not the yellow and sweet potato thing. I do understand yam is not technically correct.

I just put mine in the oven, I changed up the recipe with some sweet potatoes to the mix and I used yellow and orange bell peppers instead of cherry peppers (family doesn’t like heat, only me), I also substituted half a cup of chicken broth for some left over '09 Carlisle Papera Ranch Zin. That should kick up a notch or two. I can’t wait for dinner!!