Cracking Chardy

Along with a couple of mid-90’s Giacondas this has got to be the best Aussie Chardonnay I have drunk.

  • 2008 Penfolds Chardonnay Yattarna - Australia, South Australia (5/27/2016)
    Has some Coche-like flinty mineral reduction as well as aromas of pure white peach and camomile. In the mouth it is direct, tight and linear. There’s a heart of sweet fruit and Grand Cru depth. It builds through the palate and finishes with minerally acidity. Length is superb. This thing will blossom over two decades under screwcap.

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Have not had the 08, but the 2012 blew my mind. Miles ahead of the early renditions from the late 90s.

Thanks for the notes fellas. Glad to know this wine is on the upswing. I had several of those early vintages on release. I always thought it was good enough, particularly in comparison to similarly priced CA Chards, but not really punching at its weight from a QPR standpoint. We don’t seem to get much of the good stuff when it comes to higher end Aussie whites, certainly not like it was in the late 90’s-early 2000’s when Australian wine was raging here in the US.

Drank it at Magill Estate on Thursday night. Our Somm poured out a small glass of the '10 as well to look at. It was perhaps a touch fruitier but was also outstanding.

How was Magill mate?

Still got all those old wines on the list?

Magill was excellent, some of the best food in Australia for mine. Still plenty of aged reds at good prices. We had a 1976 St Henri that drank very well.

Yes we had the 2008 recently and it was excellent. Heard a lot about the 2012 Yattarna but could not find any. Did purchase the 2012 and 2014 Penfolds Reserve Bin. But Yattarna is Tassie fruit and Reserve bin is Adelaide hills I think