Crab-stuffed Avocado Salad w/ Lagrein Rosato

Tonight’s supper was yet another crab-stuffed avocado salad, done a little differently this time. The crab was mixed with mayonnaise, capers in balsamic, onion powder, chervil, tarragon, celery seed, and a touch of granulated garlic. The greens were dressed with onion powder, lemon peel, dry mustard, chervil, tarragon, & celery seed in Tuscan EVOO and Champagne Vinegar. The crab mixture was blended about an hour & a half before serving; the dry ingredients for the salad dressing were re-hydrated a half-hour before adding the oil & vinegar. One green onion and a few radishes were thinly sliced and added to the greens.

All was enjoyed out on our patio on a cooling evening with a very nice Alois Lageder Lagrein Rosato from Alto Adige - dark, dusty rose in color; rich cherry-berry fruit, a little light in acidity, with a pleasant fruity finish. After a few sips and bites, I grew used to the lower acidity, and it was very enjoyable with the salad. The rich, slightly darker fruit was very good with all components of the salad.

I’ve been drinking the one from Muri-Gries lately Dick. We think it rocks.

Then for dessert, while watching re-runs of Sarah Jane Adventures (via TiVo), we had a crisp Pink Lady apple with two grappas, Banfi Grappa di Brunello and Badia á Coltibuono Wood-Aged Sangiovese. I had both with the apple, the Banfi was still a bit hot; the Sangiovese was rich and very tasty, so I finished up the remains in the bottle. Carollee just had two glasses of the Banfi. This was just right after the rich crab & avocado salad.