Crab for New Years Eve !

Hey everyone, as a rosé lover I’m looking for crab deliciousness for New Years’ Eve! I confess I’m a creature of habit with my very California standard: salad of crab, avocado, pink grapefruit on butter lettuce with homemade champagne vinaigrette using nice peppery evoo.

We make a crab and corn chowder, simple to make and ready in about an hour.

1 lb crab meat, we use jumbo lump blue if available.
1/2 red pepper minced
1/2 onion minced
2 stalks celery minced
2-3 bottles clam juice or seafood stock
Fresh thyme
Light cream
Sweet corn

Sauté veggies in 1/2 stick butter for 4-5 minutes in a small stock pot.
Make a roux with 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 stick butter, cook in small pan for 5-6 minutes

Add clam juice to sautéed veggies
Add 1 tsp fresh thyme
Add in 1 cup corn
Bring to boil
Wisk in roux

Add crabmeat

Add 1 pint light cream

Add salt/pepper

Add several large dashes of Tabasco

When we do crab, it’s usually just king crabs legs with some lemon and butter on the side. Simple but hard to beat. Sometimes we’ll make Tom Douglas’s crab cakes, but that’s a lot more work.

Tom Douglas has 20 different crab cake recipes :smiley:

I’m a fan of Thomas Keller’s in the Ad Hoc book (my favorite traditional cookbook, hands down). Good walk-through on it is here →

The Chandler’s Crabhouse crab cake recipe below is a traditional Seattle-style take on it. I wish to hell I could find their romesco recipe that goes with it, but I didn’t forward from an old account :frowning: Chandler's Crab Cakes

if you’ve never played with Dungeness and kewpie mayo, I suggest it.

Whoda thunk that? Will try for sure.

the traditional prep would be to fill a nori (seaweed) paper with a line of seasoned sushi rice, then top with the crab/kewpie mixture. salmon roe for bonus points. roll up and eat in your hand.

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I found a yuzu kewpie mayo once that made me want to do filthy things with it…

It was particularly good with crab, and with shishito peppers.

This one??!??!?!??!

Premium Japanese Style Yuzu Mayo - 500g (Pack of 5)
by Hotaru Foods

The packing was slightly different, but I believe so.

Haha, sorry, yes! I even have his book of crab cake recipes! But I was thinking of the “Etta’s” one. The first recipe in the book. I believe this is the same one.

I’m going to see if my local Japanese store has it. Sounds lovely with chilled artichokes.

That does sound good.

Fresh Dungeness crab requires two things and two things only: shellfish shears and BdB Champagne. Lemon and mexican hot sauce, optional. Fresh cracked Dungeness crab is nature’s most perfect food.
Don’t f*ck with nature. champagne.gif

I agree; our local Dungeness crab cannot be beat and is seasonal. Sweet and pure…We lost our season last year so I wonder how long our children/grandchildren will have this.