Cowan Cellars BDVII Offer

Florida Jim wants YOU…. again!
So, we have put together a special offer in honor of BERSERKER’S DAY VII. Jim will be monitoring the day’s activities in order to answer any questions about his wines and this offer… have fun!

We have two offers for Berserkers, both are 6 packs….

The Italians (2 each of the following)

2012 Ribolla Gialla, Russian River Valley, Skin-fermented
2014 Ribolla Gialla, Russian River Valley (not skin-fermented)
2014 Fiano, Russian River Valley, “sous-voile”

The Neo-Classics (2 each of the following)

2011 Isa, Skin-Fermented White, Lake County (Jim’s ode to Orange wines)
2012 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley
2013 Bel, White Wine blend of Ribolla Gialla(skin-fermented) + Sauvignon Blanc

Retail is normally $144-$156 plus tax and shipping, but these 6-packs are yours for $99 each, tax and SHIPPING INCLUSIVE!

Apologies, but we are unable to ship to: AL, AK, AR, DE, HI, KY, MA, MS, MT, NJ, OK, PA, SD, and UT

ORDERING: Send an email to indicating which 6-packs you want and how many. Please include your name, shipping address, phone, and email address. We will send you an invoice through SQUARE’s secure website for your credit card remittance. Shipping date is weather dependent so we will be in touch…

Jim’s wines are always among the best deals on BerserkerDay, and he’s a damn fun guy to drink them with (until he falls asleep, then you get to talk to his wife, who’s even MORE fun!)

In for a 6 of the neo-classics. Never met Jim in person, but have enjoyed his TNs for years. Happy to buy from him.

Thanks, Todd.
Zzzzzzzzz . . .

Loved these wines last year! In for a Neo-Classics 6-pack.

Thanks to all who are ordering!!! Diane is doing the paperwork part as fast as she can…

Missed last year will order some this time.

Love these wines! Very interesting versions of the varietals and a joy to drink. I would venture to say the best QPR on BDVII.

In for one of each. Very intrigued by these.

Diane is caught up and waiting for new orders! pileon

I took a lunchbreak, and decided the perfect wine to go with my leftover Swai in lemon caper sauce is none other than BerserkerDay VI’s Cowan Cellars Ribolla Gialla!!!

Nice! Hope your boss doesn’t give you crap about drinking on the job.

My first ever Beserker Day purchase! And probably a 100% increase in the amount of California wine I own!

My boss did give me crap, and I told him to have some Ribolla Gialla, so he’s doing that…in my seat, writing this post…

I am in for a six pack. Great pricing. Always looking for something different to drink.

That is if Jim will sell it to me. Last summer I posted a pic of drinking a bottle of his wine and a bottle of Saxum. I am sure that sent a chill down his back.
neener [cheers.gif]

He probably just interpreted it as using his wine as an antidote to the Saxum. [wink.gif]

Just don’t show him a pic of you drinking Chardonnay…

In for an Italian six-pack.

The 2012 Pinot fruit came from Day Ranch and I’ve had the wine. Drinking well these days.