Coteaux Champenois

M. Geoffroy,
Your posts here have made for some great reading. Thanks.
Lately I’ve developed a fascination with still, red, pinot noir from Champagne - I love the way they showcase mineral flavors with such an ethereally light presence. Wondering whether you are a fan of this category as well, whether you see any potential for these wines gaining in popularity outside the home region, and which Champagne terroirs you think are most suitable for it?

M. Geoffrey,

I vividly remember a 1976 Coteaux Champenois rouge poured at a lunch at Moët in 1995. Lacy and ethereal at 19 years of age, it still possessed freshness and surprising flavor intensity.

I eagerly await your response.

Dear Keith and Robert,

I find the still red wines from Champagne more than interesting, they are definitely participating in their own way to the greatness and diversity of the region (not to mention its history, since it is where the wines from Champagne are coming from). These wines are better than ever, probably due to a combination of factors, from climate change to better viticulture or winemaking. Outside the historical production from Bouzy, there are very nice wines made in many places: Ambonnay, Rilly, Cumières and the Côtes des Bars (Les Riceys)… I would even mention the small oddity of red wine from Vertus, in the Côte de Blancs!

Dom Pérignon is philosophically committed to Champagne sparkling wine and to the assemblage of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, therefore I am not looking into producing still red wines; however I really appreciate the laudable efforts of others in this regard.

Best regards,