Costco PSA

I had to make a quick trip to my local Costco today, and while strolling by the meat section I noticed blue styropacs of strip steaks. Sure enough, they were Prime…and they looked fantastic! Great marbling and priced at $13/lb. This is not news to many of you, but our Costco has never stocked fresh or frozen USDA Prime beef. I talked with one of the guys in the back, and he said that based on the success in other markets they have recently decided to roll out fresh Prime to ALL Costco locations. I only saw strips, but I have to think that they will increase their selection of cuts if it does well.

There was also a recent thread about VitaMix at Costco, and our store had a demonstration running with units (5200) selling for $349. She said that they were going to be there until Dec 23rd, so I’m guessing that this is also the case in other markets. That’s a pretty good price, as I believe it’s at least $50 less than what I paid for mine over a year ago.

From the title I thought that you had gotten a prostate exam while you were there. neener

It’s just a matter of time.

They have whole sides of both strip and ribeye, all prime, at my local costco. Usually vaccu-packed within 48 hours, and at great prices. no brainer…

same here

and $3 cheaper than the per lb price for sliced and packaged steaks

The only reason I buy the whole loins is to be able to cut the steaks (roasts really) to thickness I want.
I tend to trim pretty aggressively so the discount tends to be a bit of a wash by the time I’m done breaking down the loins. If my family enjoyed ribeyes more, I’d love too buy a whole one so I could make a rib cap and then a bunch of steaks.

how much do you trim?

if you trim less than 23% you are getting a better deal

I think the sirloin prime at $5.99 is a really good deal.

I find something vaguely disturbing about the phrase “breaking down the loins.”


Then perhaps you should have chosen your specialty a bit more wisely?

Wow, Prostate exams, breaking down the loins, and a sausagefest thread. EE is really getting racy! [wow.gif] [snort.gif]

I love that Costco is selling whole prime ribeyes. The ones that they cut are ridiculously thin, maybe 3/4 of an inch. Now I can cut them to 2"+, the way they are meant to be.

They mismarked a bunch of ribeye as sirloin the other day at my Costco. I bought out the store and rolled my cart back over to pick up the vacuum sealer.

Kent, this has nothing to do with Costco but love your avatar. “Smoking on delta flights are a big NO NO!”

Off topic, Kent, but your avatar cracked me up. I always thought that was a really random part of the Delta safety video - it’s like she’s telling a 3 yr old he can’t have a toy.

On topic - I’ve had some gorgeous Prime steaks from my local CostCo. Sometimes you have to root around a bit, but usually there is a package or two where the marbling is pristine.

I have a…um, somewhat different interpretation of what she might be saying, but to each their own!

Hah! Well, maybe its not so different if you think about it…

Agreed Charlie - Lauren and I are buying these as a ‘go to’ mid-week steak for when the craving strikes.