Costco $550 Belota Iberico

Anybody really know anything about this product?

with Costco’s great return policy, worth a shot

front leg or back leg is the question

I didn’t know that was the question. I’d imagine it’s gonna be the lesser of the two. I do know the difference between $100 a leg jamon and expensive jamon though. And no idea where this thing falls.
And I also know I’m going to suck at slicing it.

From Cordoba, looks like Jamon Jamon not Paleta (front). I can’t get this at this price…go for it!!

The expert from whom I wanted the blessing. Thanks Nola.

Remember to start it on the thinner, less fatty side, eat it often, and keep it covered when your not slicing it. Do not need to refrigerate it as it is bone in and cured all the way through. and slice in microtome manner!! [wow.gif] Enjoy and enjoy, $500 for a true Bellota Iberico is a treasure.

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How long do this last uncut?

A long time. If they get moldy, excellent!! Seriously, that’s how they’re cured. I throw mine in the sink and rinse it with cool water. Wipe off and pat dry w paper towels and lather it with a coating of lard. Dryness and not enjoying it are the worst enemy to a jamon. The holidays are coming up and this is a great tapa as well as and excellent cover dish to share!! Crazy, they must to have gotten them in before the tariff started!

Hi Nola,

What do you think is the maximum ambient room temperature to keep a jamon? Living in a condo, even with the heat off, it can get a bit warm in the winter months, but I’m still tempted to get one for the holiday season. I don’t have a cellar or basement to keep it in, obviously. I’m aware of how to maintain the jamon otherwise.


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when i was in japan in the summer. a restaurant called Bellota in Kyoto had it out all day on the counter

I glanced across some foodie discussions and they were frequently trying to find out which stores carry it. Why wouldn’t one just order it online?

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Most homes in rural Spain even today have no AC or central heating and the Jamones sit on the counter in the kitchen. in the local butcher shops and bars they hang with no problem. I think here in the US we are so afraid of the idea of a cured meat being perfectly fine at ambient temperatures in our well conditioned homes. The Jamon will be 100% perfectly fine! Temperature is not the enemy, it’s drying out from not using it.

I did… [wow.gif]

Thanks Nola. Ambient temperature here is between 70-78F, so I’m sure it will be fine. If all else fails, I do live in Canada, so I can stick it outside for a little while. :wink:

I’ve never experienced issues eating jamon is Spain at temperatures even higher than that, so I just wanted to double-check.

Time to see if I can make some arrangements with my cheesemonger! I have a nice space in the den that could house a jamon on a stand … (and using it isn’t an issue).

I’m in. Ordered, it came yesterday, looks great. Will give it the taste test this weekend…

Haven’t assembled yet but at first glance the quality of the stand set up seems pretty high.

To me a good sign as I typically expect flimsy in things like this.

Was looking into this when I discovered two different brands - Noel and Covap. Is there a difference between the two? Thanks!

The Bellota i got was covap. I thought the Noel was the brand of the $100 hams that started hitting the stores a while back. A different grade and based on a previous thread did not have the Nola stamp of approval.

Mine is Covap. Covap is a Co-op of local producers so…

It has my seal of approval. For an Ibérico Jamon it’s good. It would be interesting to know how long the hogs forage on acorns. I’ve only sliced into the “neck area”, saving the meatier parts for later. It’s not as “nutty“ as some other good Bellota Jamones that I’ve had. It is well-made and it is very good. It will be interesting to see if the flavor changes once I get into the real meaty part of the Jamon. Please don’t trim away all of the fat when you serve it. It’s part of the process and it is delicious too.
Noel is a massive producer.

Thanks Nola for the seal of approval. I will be stopping by tomorrow to my local Costco to pick one up in person since they told me they had 8!

Super excited for this. Last time I had Iberico was at Joel Robuchon in Vegas and couldn’t find any reasonably priced ones ever since! Thanks again!