Costa Rica local airlines

Heading to Costa Rica with a gang of 16 this July. Staying in Santa Teresa on the Pacific side. Need to hop from SanJose airport to Tambor. Two local airlines - Sansa and NatureAir - to choose from. Anyone have any experience with either?

Also, Anyone been to that area of the Nicoya Peninsula and have an reccos for eats or activities?

Tough choice. A

or B

Thank you; I’ll walk

We have flown Sansa a few times. I am still alive, no lost bags and it is a short flight are the only positives.

I try not to worry too much about these types of flights. I take it as a positive if I’ve not heard of the airline. And the relationship between pilot and passenger is one of the very few commercial relationships where the parties’ interests are perfectly aligned.

Geez, how do you lose bags in one of those puddle-jumpers? Bounce out of the window? [wow.gif]

I’m chartering one of their planes. I’d prefer the two engine NatureAir, but don’t feel like the 35 minute ride from the airport to their airport. I’ll gladly risk my life just to get on the beach and start drinking a few hours earlier.

Been on both several times. Never a problem with either one!

Actually it’s a beautiful drive, you could always hire a driver. I have a guy I would recommend.

Thought about that. Nobody in the group feels like taking a five hour journey. With 16 of us, it would be a motorcade or a couple of vans. 5 hours in a van is nobody’s idea of fun. I heard the ferry ride is pretty, though.

Making a similar trip in August. We ARE driving from San Jose to Manuel Antonio. Any recs on where to purchase decent wine retail either in Manuel Antonio or on the way out of San Jose. We have a nice setup in which I want to do some cooking in our condo but am aware that our wine selection is going to be skimpy at best.