CorkReport on BarboursvilleVnyds

As linked on WineTerroirist, there’s a very inteesting article
by AaronMenenberg on BarboursvilleVnyds.

Mostly (alas) the focus is on the Barboursville Octogon CabFranc. But it did like the Barborsvilly Nebbiolo quite a lot. The few btls of it I’ve tried I’ve thought pretty good.

But a nice/interesting writeup on VA’s 2’nd best wnry. We’ve had reports direct from the WhiteHouse which wnry is the best.

As the saying goes, don’t believe the hype.

Right, Gary…until it’s reported on FoxNews…can’t believe it!!

So you want to discuss politics not wine. Got it.

My employer is blocking me from that site. I am sure to keep me safe. I have tasted many vintages now of Barboursville and will admit that I like the neb the best but it really is hit or miss. Recent vintages of Octagon haven’t impressed me like older vintages but not sure if that is the wine or me that is changing. I do have a 2005 in the cellar that I want to open along with some older Linden, Boxwood, RdV, and Black Ankle from MD. Really curious to see how these all do with some age.