Corked food

Just bit into a corked French fry, horrible.
Anyone else experience corked foods? I’ve smelled corked baby carrots.

No, but I keep a variety of wood chips on hand to use with different meats on the grill, and the mesquite chips always give off a corked odor. It doesn’t seem to carry through to the smoke or the meat, but when I smell just the chips, I don’t even want to bring them into the same room where I have any wine opened!

What is a corked food? TCA taint?

Yes, baby carrots are the most frequent offender. I believe they use bleach to clean the carrots.
I used to have a bathroom faucet that was “corked.”

Precut cantaloupe is right up there with baby carrots in my experience.

I have read that you can get TCA from wood shipping crates. I have had it in apples.


I really think I have tasted/smelled shit in red (eating) grapes

Wood or cardboard. I’ve had shipper boxes that were corked along with paper.

I once had a bottle of water that was corked. At Flagstaff House in CO. The 83 Sauzet wasn’t!

Pre-cut/cleaned carrots.

Sometime detected it in garlic while I was peeling it, but never in the finished product.

TCA blows off or disappears w cooking. That’s why you can cook w corked wine without issue.

It binds with fat, so boil it before it gets any contact.

Apples, raisins, peanuts, cashews, chicken, shrimp, seafood, carrots, radishes, bananas, beets, garlic. And also other drinks - sake, green tea, beer, whiskey, bourbon, etc.

Anything that’s pre-cut and packaged can have it because it can be in the packaging, and anything where bleach has been used to clean. Also a lot of foods are shipped in wooden containers and if it’s in the wood it can be transmited.

We find it mostly in packaged carrots.

I wondered why so few PLCB wines seem corked, it’s the special heat treatment.

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I was at a conference yesterday, and the blueberries at the breakfast buffet were corked.

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