Coravin promo code?

Does anyone have a code that they can share via PM for replacement capsules? A 6-pack is $57 plus tax plus $13 shipping from the company website, hopefully there is a 20% coupon floating around the ether. TIA.


Can’t help but would gladly take a promo code for the Coravin unit itself, while we’re at it.

My capsule supply is running low…Would love to know a promo code, as well!

Ahh, the old printer model of giving away the product and making the money on the ink!

“Old” printer model??? I usually buy a new printer when I find out how much the refill cartridges will set me back!

8 tasting servings a cartridge?
We need an Argon welding tank adapter.

Not buying a Coravin until there is a secondary source for cartridges.

Where are you getting that? They quote 15 on their website. The founder says he is able to achieve 20. Personally I am still on my first capsule and am at 16. Plus keep in mind that you eventually just pop the cork so don’t need to use argon for the last 1/2 to 1/3 bottle.

Big tastings…

They are more expensive than I would like but at 50 or 60 cents a glass you will save WAAAAY more in wine not wasted…

How many glasses are in your bottles? 4 or 6?

Big tastings
How many glasses are in your bottles? 4 or 6?

I’ll count better and get back to you. Maybe I got 10-12. I’m only on 3rd cartridge, and testing it wasn’t my priority, the wine was. @ $1/pour its a great deal when tapping $$$ wine. And a handy way for pairing selections, which now take even longer but are more fun.

So only the Coravin branded Argon capsules fit the machine, I would’ve thought the capsules are universal…

They look identical except the little plastic insert. Just swap and voila??


All well and good, but I am not wasting wine now.

Let us know when you have been successful with this.

I was wondering if someone would come up with an adapter to fit the generic ones.

I’m like David, waiting to get more feedback to ensure that it is worth it and/or waiting until someone makes an aftermarket adapter.

Eric’s point is valid though.

Probably on my Xmas list from Jules

For 15% off use the following code: