Coravin @ Neiman Marcus

Afternoon all,
I hope it is ok for me to post that as I’m not part of this retailer in any ways.
If it’s not then I apologize and you can delete my post.

Neiman Marcus is selling a Model 2 for $84 with free shipping

There’s a few other options like one with a bag for $112.

I ordered the $84 one.
Now I need to do some reading about how and how not to use it [wow.gif]


Edit: By the way, I had an account here with way more posts in the past but I couldn’t remember my credentials and password recovery didn’t work so I had to create a new one, so I’m not a spammer :wink:

This is a great price. I’m surprised your post hasn’t garnered any interest. Thanks!

Truly great price. I will likely jump on it.

Dang, now showing sold out

I jumped on that offer the other day

The neon model one is there for a good price as well, $98

Thanks. I got one the other day

Thanks for the post. I grabbed a Model 2 Elite Pro. Never can have enough coravins.

Bankruptcy lawyers bought some of them, in order to Coravin the working-capital accounts of this retailer.

I was able to pick one up too at $84. I’ve been using the Pungo for the past several years and love it. Going to be interesting using that and the Coravin side by side.

I didn’t realize how much I wanted this thing until my order got cancelled today. Bummer.

Same here. My order was also cancelled. Disappointed but oh well.

same thing happened to me.

Cancelled 07/08/20
We apologize; we are unable to fulfill your order as requested. The merchandise below has been discontinued, and our vendor is unable to supply additional quantities; therefore, the merchandise has been cancelled.

Cancelled mine too… :confused:

I guess I got in before they were out! Lucky me.

Cancelled mine too.
Oh well.

Bought one for my daughter

Mine shipped

Glad I didn’t get seduced by the $89 price on model 2 when there’s the Bluetooth-controlled model 11 for a mere $800. (“Hey, Alexa, can you pump out five ounces of the 1978 Jayer Cros Parantoux…”)

I hope the Bluetooth works better than their spellchecker, which has consistently rendered the brand as “Caravan” throughout the description.