Coravin: Important Safety Notice

Just got this by email. The most important part is “Please stop using the Coravin System until you receive the remedy package from us.”

Dear Coravin Customers,

We hope that you enjoy using your Coravin™ Wine Access System. This communication follows up on our notification from February 2014 about updates to the Important Safeguards for the proper and safe use of the Coravin System.

As we told you in February, it has come to our attention that, in certain circumstances, wine bottles can burst when used with the Coravin System, presenting a risk of lacerations. We believe the likelihood of this occurrence is very rare since wine bottles are designed to withstand significantly greater pressure than the low pressure the Coravin System places into the bottle. Nevertheless, Coravin has now received seven reports of bottles bursting including one report of a laceration.

We have voluntarily reported these incidences to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in anticipation of a recall. We have submitted a Corrective Action Plan to update the Coravin System instructions and warnings and will provide all existing and future customers with a remedy package that includes a neoprene wine bottle sleeve for use with the Coravin System.

We have voluntarily stopped selling and shipping Coravin Systems until we can fully implement an approved Corrective Action Plan. We are hopeful that in the next 30 days Coravin will be receiving, processing and beginning to ship remedy packages to our customer base. Once we have received approval for the Corrective Action Plan we will begin shipping Coravin Systems containing a wine bottle sleeve. We hope this disruption will be over in July and apologize to you for the inconvenience.

In the interim,

Please stop using the Coravin System until you receive the remedy package from us.
And, please read our updated Proper Use and Important Safeguards Guide
which can be found in the FAQ section of Coravin’s website.

We will communicate any further details or requirements as part of a follow on communication plan. If you have any questions or concerns about this communication, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at > > or call 1-844-267-2846.

If you have given a Coravin System to anyone else, please forward this communication to them.

We appreciate your support and hope your Coravin System continues to change the way you enjoy, serve and share wine for years to come.


The Coravin Team

Looks like I will have to go back to drinking the entire bottle in one night.

I think this post deserves to be a sticky.

I’m not particularly excited about the remedy solution - put the bottle in a Neoprene sleeve.

So, let me get this straight. The action plan doesn’t fix the actual issue of bottles breaking, but addresses the laceration possibility with a neoprene sleeve. However, your bottles can still break when using a Coravin. Awesome solution, Coravin team. So stupid. Refund everyone their money on your defective, potentially dangerous product.

lawsuit lawsuit lawsuit!

The PR department shot down their first idea for a fix. A roll of Duct Tape.

Any bets the bottles that shattered were either dirt cheap flawed glass or contained sparkling wine.

This sucks. Actually, i have no plan on using the sleeve. Once they send it, it is up to the individual user.

If anything, this is going to force me to buy the 24 pack of capsules.

In fact, i am willing to buy peoples unused capsules at $5 each. Just to get them off your hands and keep you all safe. [cheers.gif]

I assume you’re being facetious. This whole incident is typical safety paranoia and nanny-state idiocy at its worst. Seven bottles have burst out of how many millions now opened with Coravin? Should we also force people to buy Kevlar-reinforced safety glasses with every bottle of Champagne so they don’t take out an eye? Do they actually think a single person is going to put a freaking sleeve on every bottle they open with Coraving, let alone servers at high-end restaurants? What a farce.

Cannot tell if you are being facetious.

Millions of bottles? Ha. Let’s say 50,000 units were sold, there are at least 7 known incidents. That’s already a pattern. Hello products liability

We have at least 10 wine reps and 10 winery reps using them on a daily basis. Add 10 or so winebars and restaurants using them here in Napa. Our last rep brought in 9 bottles for tasting, using the Coravin on each one, while complaining about the number and cost of cartridges he uses per week. I’d go with millions.

It’s a moot point. Coravin has halted sales because of the exploding bottles.

No glove, no love.

“Safety paranoia and nanny-state idiocy”?! Seriously? First, the so-called “nanny state” had nothing to do with it. Coravin has “voluntarily stopped selling and shipping” the systems. Second, Coravin has “received” seven reports including one report of a laceration. That doesn’t mean that numerous other bottles haven’t also burst. Typically there are more incidents than reports. Besides, stuff like this is always “safety paranoia” until it happens to you.

Time to get my old D&D chain mail suit out of storage and face some danger!

They’re sending everyone a wine koozie?

they should probably do a voluntary recall, but I think they are thinking too much about $$$ to do the right thing. A sleeve isn’t a fix, that’s a stop gap. They’ll either lose their money with a recall, but keep goodwill, or lose their money on a products liability suit when someone gets severely injured by the bottle bursting.

I had a Flushmate contraption in my toilet tank. Apparently some of those sprung leaks (mine was one) and to solve the problem, the company mailed out bands that held the two halves together. Then a while later they decided to just send replacements. Nonetheless, apparently there was also class action suit because I got a notice that I may be entitled to some award.

Anyhow, that band is kind of like the Coravin sleeve - a first step and it probably worked but some customers just weren’t satisfied.

Now if any customers are unlucky enough to have both a Flushmate and a Coravin, their lives must be hell. One blows up your ass and the other blows out your eyes. At some point, life just gets too hard. [shock.gif]

A BIG chance for Pungo now if they are clever…their product doesn’t work with over-pressure…