Coravin blowing up wine bottles

Just received the following email. I sure cannot imagine how this actually would happen. Also, see the note about using third party cartridges…guess they want to protect that annuity stream.

Dear Coravin Customers,

We hope this message finds you accessing great wines by the glass thanks to your Coravin™ System. We wanted to notify you of updates to our Important Safeguards for the proper and safe use of the Coravin™

Recently it has come to our attention that in very rare circumstances, damaged, flawed or non-standard wine bottles may burst when used with the Coravin™ System. We believe the likelihood of this occurrence is very rare since wine bottles are designed to withstand significantly greater pressure than the low pressure the Coravin™ System places into the bottle. It is IMPORTANT to visually inspect your wine bottles for damage or flaws before use with the Coravin™ System.

We have also learned that some people have tried to re-use portions of the Coravin™ Capsule. The capsule assembly is not designed for reuse, and any reuse could be dangerous because of the high pressures involved. It is IMPORTANT that you not tamper with or re-use portions of the Coravin™ Capsule or use non-Coravin capsules.

Your safety is extremely important to us so we have updated our Proper Use and Important Safeguards Guide which can be found here and in the FAQ section of Coravin’s website.

If you have any questions or concerns about these recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at

If you purchased your Coravin System as a gift for someone else, please forward this communication to them. We appreciate your support and hope your Coravin™ System continues to change the way you enjoy wine for years to come.


The Coravin Team

Hmm. I kept listening for a “boom” in the background. :wink:

I really have never seen a “damaged, flawed or non-standard wine bottle” that was still full of wine. Sounds like CYA from their lawyer, like that long blather at the end of drug company commercials.

Seems like someone found away around their money maker (the capsules), so they are trying scare tactics to protect their revenue stream.

That’s exactly what it sounds like. And like they read the thread about homemade Coravin argon cartridges: Alternative to Coravin cartridges - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers.