Copain P2

Has anyone ever had this? From today’s release:

2010 P2 $25.00
A blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Pinot Gris from our estate Hein vineyard. The 2010 exhibits Bright high-toned floral and red fruits with talc like tannins and crisp fresh fruit finish. Like some of the red wines from the Loire Valley and other parts of Europe, enjoy this wine slightly chilled and enjoy it on the patio this summer.

Super intrigued…

You just beat me to the post, as I have the exact same question. Damn, I didn’t need to buy more wine now! Thought I was safe 'til Fall allocations. [head-bang.gif]

tempted but just took 3 bottles of 09 wentzel

I got the email and immediately came over here to see what info I could find. Anyone taste this?

Sounds interesting for sure.

I’m taking 3 bottles of Wentzel also. Not so sure about the P2, but it sounds interesting. It’s only $25 so I might take a flyer, but it would be an easier decision if someone could post a quick note if they’ve recently tasted this at Ad Hoc or Bouchon.

Same here on the P2. maybe someone could open a pinot noir and a pinot gris and mix em up and write a tasting note. I would but I have no pinot gris!

Paging FMIII…

If he hasn’t tried it then probably nobody has…

I’ve had the new chardonnay bottling when Wells stopped in to DC for a tasting. It was excellent. He did not bring along the P2 (or even mention it) or the Wentzel.

As much as I want to buy some Wentzel, I just can’t stomach the $25 flat-rate shipping for a few bottles. Why couldn’t they just release all the single vineyard pinots together in the fall like they originally planned? The shipping window for the south has already closed until the fall anyway.

Sorry, rant over.

I wonder if they’d agree to work with us on the shipping (both for cost and weather reasons) if we asked. Paying for the wines now, of course.

Jennifer and Wells were both pretty excited about this wine at dinner Saturday. I intend to consume them on a warm day at 5:00 p.m. overlooking the Pacific.

For some reason, I don’t have notes on the P2. But the two other wines in this offering are outstanding: Brosseau Chardonnay, and Wentzel Pinot. The Chardonnay in particular is really excellent, truly very Burgundian - plenty of depth and intensity, but not at all overblown, with nice acidity. Not a large production, I just bought my allocation.

I agree. The Chardonnay was excellent when I had it at the D.C. tasting (same one Scott attended), and to me it is the “can’t miss” wine of this limited offering. While the Wentzel was not poured that night, I probably will buy some of that one as well. The 2007 version is turning into a very nice wine.

I got nothing to add on the P2, as I just learned about this wine over the weekend during the Copain dinner. Jennifer was telling me about the wine and the offering they were making on it. At $25, I’ll give it run. As for the other wines in the offering, I have better experience with those, especially the Chard, which is noted below along with the Wentzell. Supporting Copain’s pinot program, for me, it’s really what we call the ‘no brainer’.

  • 2009 Copain Chardonnay Brosseau Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Chalone (4/30/2011)
    Copain Dinner With Wells Guthrie and Jennifer Derrick In The OC (Marche Moderne, Costa Mesa CA): Good to re-try this wine, as I last had it in March when I visted the winery a few months back. For background, this wine saw one 1-year old barrel, with the rest being mostly neutral. As for oak percentage, call it pretty small, which according to Wells was intentional and will continue to be going forward for this bottling. It’s grown in limestone/chalk and he wants the acidity and fruit to be center, not wood. As for the wine, this time around I find mango, tangerine, deep lime, yellow apple and good acidity, with some slate filling in on the back. Perhaps the main difference this time tasting it was that I found the wine to be a bit rounder this time off. Not flabby or heavy but the flavors a bit deeper, less linear. I have three bottles in the cellar, will try another one this summer. Drank very well.
  • 2009 Copain Chardonnay Brosseau Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Chalone (3/17/2011)
    Copain Visit To Taste The 2009s and 2010s (Copain Winery In RRV): I forgot to get the listed alcohol on this wine but I do recall Wells telling us that the wood program on the wine had no new wood, but there was a single on-year old barrel used, along with 5 very older barrels, for a total of 6. Put this wine into a blind event, tell me it doesn’t ring like a Puligny or a Meursault. Honeysuckle, orange blossom and lemon oil. The first chardonnay made by Copain, grown in limestone and I really enjoyed it.

Posted from CellarTracker

Posted from CellarTracker

Wentzel is up to $55. Ouch.

I know that last year they made a barrel of the wine for Bouchon, not really sure if its been available to taste other than that. they mentioned it to us when i visited the winerly last fall.

Nah, I was there only a couple of weeks ago and we talked about the P2, but it wasn’t there.
The Wentzel is just great.

Agreed on the chardonnay being the “can’t miss” of this offering, and I too was at the DC tasting. I’ll be picking up my allocation and taking a flyer on the P2…

Thanks for all the great response towards our summer release.

For those of you who are interested in these new releases, but live in area that is too hot to ship now, I’ve added a new ship date for the fall, October 3rd. If you placed an order already and would like me to change the date, please let me know.

I had several requests about combining orders from the summer release with wines from the fall to save on shipping costs. This is not a problem. Please go ahead and place an order for the wines that are available now and pay the shipping charges. Then, when you place an order for wines that will be released this fall, we will combine the orders and waive the additional shipping fee.

Any additional questions, please let me know.

PS. There’s a reason the Thomas Keller sommeliers nicknamed P2 the “patio pounder” of the summer. Served slightly chilled you can’t go wrong…and in case there is any confusion, this is a red wine, not a rose.

Hi Jennifer,

If we end up with a combined case between this order and the fall release do we get free shipping with the current shipping charge credited back?