Cooking with Sauterne

I have most of the remainder of a bottle of mediocre Sauterne that was left over from a Jets football game, which will give you a rough idea of how old it is. It actually held up well, with only a tiny bit of oxidation. Does anyone have a good idea for recipe that will allow me to use it to its best advantage.

If you want to get fancy, Joël Robuchon is well-known for lobster cooked in Sauternes. I can’t speak to the dish itself because, trayf.

Otherwise, I would think you could poach fruit in the Sauternes to elevate a dessert.


I made it this but used Ice wine

I have made pears poached in dessert wine before, and the result is divine.

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You could use it to make a beurre blanc and serve with…

  • pan seared scallops or light fish like dover sole/skate wing, etc
  • grilled or roasted salmon or black cod
  • poached asparagus

I like the idea of a cake or something like a trifle.
Maybe some kind of truffle or chocolate, like higher end chocolate shops do with bourbon and liqueurs and adding a fruit (like peach or pear) that pairs well.
Or a fondue if you could figure out the right kind of cheese to do it with, and that would open the door to adding lots of fun accompaniments (duck, foie, pork belly, certain types of bread)

Reduce it down and use like a sweet balsamic.

Add to a vinaigrette salad dressing.

The same reduction is awesome on pancakes or waffles, too.

I’m wondering what kind of Manhattan it would make, i.e., Sauternes in lieu of vermouth.

I use it in my Collard Greens. After sauteing the onions, low temp deglaze then in go the collards. Adds sweetness and acidity.

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Interesting idea. I just steamed a head of fresh Kale but did not finish it off. Worth a try.